Friday, September 23, 2011

Confession Friday!

I confess Layla and I ventured out for the first time yesterday! Landon got to hang out all day with Paw Paw & Honey, so I took full advantage of it!
(Honey is Dane's step mom. No idea why Landon calls her Honey, but it has just stuck. too cute!! lol)
(yes Cassie.... Landon was NOT with me yesterday. lol) and 5 minutes into our shopping adventure at Target, Layla poops her pants. lovely!

I confess I was soo bummed I missed taking Landon to his first concert. Well Toy Story on Ice. But from what I hear, he was soo good and had a lot of fun!
I confess my daughter peed 5 times on 5 different blankets while getting her pictures taken last night. Sorry Anna for the extra load of laundry!!!
But we sure did get some cute pictures!!! :)

I confess there is something about having a clean diaper on that makes Layla poop. I swear 30 seconds after she gets a new diaper on she shits. ahhh.

I confess I'm nervous for the burpee challenge! Fear I'm going to die, or pee myself. But Dane says he is going to do it with me, so I can't cheat!

I confess when I tell Landon to do something, he tells me "in a minute" ugh. NO, NOW! stink!

I confess I cut and colored my sisters hair this week. I now know why people take maternity leave. holy stomach pain..I'm glad I don't work full time as a stylist anymore!

I confess I had my first drink last night. and it sucked! Ugh! After pictures, Dane, Layla and I went to Applebee's and they had margaritas on special, so I had one. Should have paid more for the perfect margarita. huge disappointment. I'm sooo ready for a margarita from Tequilas!!!!!!!

I confess I am expecting my stomach to go back down like yesterday. but I continue to eat incredibly unhealthy. I really need to get control of this!!! Looking up WW meetings as we speak!

Happy Fall Everyone!
Hope you have a great weekend!!!!!!!


Cassie said...

where's landon? bahaha. wow - sorry for being so crazy yesterday, lol.

those pictures are adorable!! yay CB!!

don't worry i look at my stomach every day and think WHY is it still so dough-y. i just wana cry.

and yay for landon doing the burpees with you!!

Cassie said...

landon doing burpees? bahaha, i mean dane. lord. i need to get outa this house, i can't make sense of anything.

Heather said...

I confess that I RSVP'd to the Burpee Challenge because I thought it was something to do with food. Then I Googled Burpee. not doing that anymore.

Kim Luke said...

LOL thats okay Cass, you keep me laughing at least!!!
I'm sure Landon will attempt doing them too!

Heather that cracks me up! I think I will survive to about Day 10. After that, I might die.

Adrien said...

I confess that I'm off to google burpee, because I have no clue what you're talking about!

I really wanted to go to Toy Story too, but we just didn't make it happen. :(

Emily said...

Burpees are GREAT! =) Yeah for your hubs for doing the challenge with you. what a nice boy!