Friday, September 2, 2011

get out of jail free card

Ok, So I'm curious..
Do you have a "top celebrity list"?
you know, if you were to ever meet that celebrity, you had a get out of jail free card?? haha. sounds silly, but I do!
Well, I'm actually not 100% sure if my hubby agrees to this rule. lol
but anyways, I'll go ahead and share my list with you.
And if you ever happen to run into any of these people on the list, please call me. like asap.

1. Ben Bass
aka Sam Swarek from Rookie Blue.
Would saying that I am madly in love with him be a little too over the top? no, good. I didn't think so either.
2.Mark Wahlberg
yum. He has been my #1 for a loooong time. but he has recently been moved to #2. Sorry, Mark!
3. Gerard Butler
Ok, let me add that he might be moved to the #2 slot before this blog post is over. Especially after looking at more pictures of him. so sexy!!!
and how can you watch the movie PS. I love you, and not fall in love with him!

And there ya have it!
There is my top 3 celebrity list!
I could probably list a top 10, but with my level of hormones right now, I'd better stop! haha!!
Do we share the same list??
Well I want to know who is on your list!!!!


Katie said...

Very nice list you have!! :)

Kim Luke said...

I won't share. hahaha ;)

Heather said...

Oliver Hudson
Channing Tatum
Angie Harmon (I know she's a girl but I love her!)

Kim Luke said...

Heather I had no idea who your #1 and #3 were. I had to google them!
I knew someone was going to put a female. She's hot, I'll give it to ya!! lol

Jen said...

that is a pretty darn good list!!!

Shannon said...

Eric Northman (True Blood Vamp)

Ryan Reyonds (after watching Green Lantern, OMG... he is smoke'n hot)

I have to say Gerard Butler too. I've been in love since watching him way back when in Dracula 2000. I see a pattern here, noticing I have a thing for vampires!!!

Bradley Cooper... YUM :)

Tim McGraw... YUM, YUM :)

Aaaaand for the record, I've loved Angie Harmon back from her Law and Order days. I too know she's a girl but hey... :)

Talk about hormones, I better leave it at that ;)

Lara said...

Go figure your #1 is a cop! You can just have Dane walk around in his uniform:) I honestly can't think of one right now, but I will definitely keeping thinking about it!

Kim Luke said...

Haha I know Lara! He could be in street clothes and still be my #1..... but the uniform definitely helps!!!!! ;)