Tuesday, September 20, 2011

HAPPY 1 WEEK update

Well, it looks like I survived the first week of being a mother of 2.
But trust me, I can't take half the credit. Dane has been home all week and has been such a HUGE help. I haven't cooked or done dishes ALL WEEK LONG. I could have gotten use to that.. but today was back to work for him. Boo! lol
Secretly, I'm kind of excited though... because 1. He had to shave his scruffy face lol and 2. because I love playing the role of mommy and wife, and with him home he was more of the wife than I was!
Landon has adjusted AMAZING! (knock on wood) He has been buddies with daddy all week, so today should be the true test on how he is adjusting to being a big brother. He hasn't had 1 meltdown! He loves holding her and giving her kisses. He won't call her Layla, to him she is "my baby" it's cute! :)
Layla is a great baby. So far, it has been so easy. Too easy! Hopefully it stays like this. Granted she sleeps and eats 80% of the day right now, but when she is awake she is so content and just looking around. She smiles ALL THE TIME. I don't remember Landon smiling all the time this early, I really should check his baby book!
She isn't a fan of walks yet. which is a biiiig problem. We love to go on walks around our neighborhood! Yesterday was our first attempt and we made it maybe halfway around and she was pissed. So she was carried the rest of the way..and she fell right asleep. go figure!
Dad started out extremely nervous around her but has come a long way in just one week! I think he forgot how little they are. He has gotten very use to slinging and flinging Landon around everywhere. He is such a great daddy, I count my blessing everyday that he is the dad I wish I had growing up!
Mom is doing great.. A little tired, still very sore, with little back ache still. damn epidural! I have a clogged milk duct, which is extremely PAINFUL. I am fighting through the pain the best I can without stopping breastfeeding. I'm hoping that it will soon fix itself. Otherwise I am going to be visiting the lactation consultant very soon!!!!
I feel like all I do is feed Layla and change diapers.
On day 3 I tried on my favorite pair of pre-Layla jeans (yes, I never got back into the jeans I wore before Landon. boo!) and they were no where near buttoning.. and I tried them on last night and they buttoned!!!!!!! Could I walk, talk, or breathe in them?? HELL NO. But it's a start!!!!! I am determined to get into my pre-Landon jeans. Wishful thinking :)
I'm going to be completely honest, there were many nights Dane and I laid in bed and talked about how things would be once Layla was here.. I said on many different occasions, I just don't know how I could love another person as much as I love Landon. It just didn't seem possible. Boy, was I wrong and worried for no reason! I never knew it was possible to love so much!!!!
I still feel as if I'm floating on cloud 9 & I'm not ready to come back down!!!!


Heather said...

Wow she looks just like Landon in that second picture. What a doll!!! Love her!

Adrien said...

Yay for making through the first week! She's just a little doll baby. :)

Don't worry, neither of my kids liked walks at first either, but you know that's not true now! My kids just had aversions to being in the pumpkin seat period. By Spring when you're walking even more she'll be able to sit up and look around more. That helps!

Praying for a speedy recovery and that those nursing issues get worked out. Come on, boobs!

Andrea Ingles said...

Love this! You are such a good mommy, and it sounds like your babies have one heck of a daddy too! Glad things are going well!!

Katie said...

All these perfect little babies being born makes me want one sooner than planned!! I hope Andy & I are this lucky. Im glad Layla is such a good baby and that Landon is enjoying her being around! So sweet!!!

Kim Luke said...

Thanks Heather!! She reminds me soo much of Landon when he was first born too! All her face expressions are the exact same as his!!

Adrien I totally agree with you, whens hes able to look around I think she will love it! We attempted our 2nd walk this evening and she slept the entire time!

Thank you Annie- Dane is definitely a fantastic daddy. I got lucky!!! :)

Katie- I think you should start asap! haha. you and Andy will have adorable babies!!!!

Danielle0418 said...

She's beyond adorable! And that hair...LOVE it! I'm not sure Brinley will have that much hair by the time she's 2! :)

Kim Luke said...

Thank you!!! I'm hoping she doesn't lose it like Landon did!