Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday wrap up & your help is needed!!!!

Hey Hey! 
Where has the past week gone?
Work has been busy, life has been crazy, babies have been under the weather, I'm another year older but we survived another Monday!
Lets catch up!

Let's start with my birthday.
One of the best holidays of the year.
We spent the entire day at the winery with some of our closest friends and family.
Momma, Me, Brandi & Kendra 
Kendra & I.
One of my closest friends.
My sister Brandi & I doing the cupid shuffle at 3 in the afternoon..
 with the 70+ crowd at the winery.
How did all the old ladies know how to do the cupid shuffle??? C'mon! 
 Dane & I
(thank you Dane for making my day perfect!!!!)
And everyone remember those TOM wedges I wanted??
Got em! and I didn't have to buy them for myself! ;)
We even look good after 8 hours of drinking!! ;)

Turning 25 isn't so bad! :)
and since I've had 20 messages about my dress.. it's from Apricot Lane Peoria- check out their website. Add them on facebook- sometimes they give a outfit away!

ps. don't hate on the poor quality of every.single.picture. blame the iPhone.

I need your help!
I've been considering make some changes with the blog lately. I want something more fun, a catchy name, my own button. I want it all!
So first thing first. Coming up with a name for my blog. It has never had one. It's just been the Luke family on everything. I blog about my family a lot- but that's not all. I need something that is ME. that is US!
I also want a entire new look. I need help with this ladies...
Any ideas?! Shoot them my way in a comment- or a email!
/\ retarded right. but I HATE SPAM MAIL! so deal with it.


Adrien said...

Glad you had such a great birthday! I am not one to ask about glamming up your blog. I haven't changed mine since Christmas, haha.

Sarah said...

Your dress is gorg! Sounds like a perfect birthday. I could go for a winery day like realll bad ;)

I agree, Luke Family is lame haha. So yes, creative people help a sister out!!!

Kim Luke said...

Lol Adrien- I feel your pain.
Some blogs I literally just sit and look at them like "HOW THE HELL DO YOU DO THIS" lol

Sarah-Thank you for not sugarcoating it. LOL i know. It's lame. HELP! :D

Cassie said...

glad you had a good birthday bff!! sorry i missed it. but you totally celebrated in style - you look crazy cute!! lovie you!