Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What!

Hey Errbody!
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SO WHAT if I spent a hour of my evening looking at ecards.
true dat!

SO WHAT if your child chooses to sleep on the floor. I couldn't bribe Landon to sleep in bed last night. Once he fell asleep I picked him up and put him to bed. He wakes up MAD AS HELL. back on the floor he went. But he slept all night. and so did momma. not so bad after all!

SO WHAT if your child is 3 years old and has never had chocolate milk. I'm afraid if I give it to him once, he will never want regular milk again. Am I a mean mom?

SO WHAT if you have to drop some people without notice. My kids are so happy at their new daycare. Landon wakes up every morning excited to go!!!!!!!!! Thank GOD!

SO WHAT if your BFF is going on vacation on YOUR BIRTHDAY. Wah. You better make up for it when you get home. k?!? K!

SO WHAT if you have used a entire box of Kleenex during one 8 hour shift at work. Summer colds are the WORST. I can't wait to feel better!

Happy Hump Day! It's almost the freakin weekend!


Sarah said...

No, a mean Mom gives their 3 year old chocolate milk & then still makes them drink white milk even though all the poor kid really really really wants chocolate milk ;)

Cassie said...

you need to get those Kleenex's with vicks in them - amazing!!

i will i will i will!! prom!!

Adrien said...

Haha, nope - not a mean mom. I actually feel guilty for how little milk my kids drink at all!

Feel better - summer colds DO suck!

My-cliffnotes said...

Feel better.

I LOVE Ecards, more than I should.


The Cavallaro's said...

Just stumbled across your blog... and I am obsesssed with e-cards and spend forrrrever on there (and of course all of them relate to my life, obviously!)

I had a summer cold a few weeks ago and seriously had to ask myself WHOOO gets sick in the summer??? Hopefully you are feeling better!

Kim Luke said...

Haha! Very true!

Kim Luke said...

I definitely need to invest in those

I know you will! :)

Kim Luke said...

Lsndon is a milk freak!!!! Like a gallon a week by himself!!

Kim Luke said...

Thanks <3