Monday, August 20, 2012


Happy Monday!
Eeerr. (screeching breaks)
It's Monday. I have PMS.
I'm doing a lot of this.
Don't judge. I'm in pain.

So, Lets back it up a bit to the better days..

Linking up with these ladies for the weekend update.

Friday night I got free Cardinals tickets from my boss. AND a free hotel stay from Drury hotel..
So Dane & I asked The Thorns to join us.
Clearly I don't get away enough because It felt like I was going on vacation. Just 20 minutes from home.
We enjoyed FREE happy hour at the hotel then headed to the game.
I think I watched maybe 2 innings of the entire game.

 We had a blast!!!!!!
And only 2 of the 4 got sick. and I wasn't one of them.
Bahah. I felt like CRAP the next morning though, let me tell ya!

Saturday morning bright and early I was up and off to get my kiddos, and Dane was off to work for a 12 hour shift! Sucky!
So me and the kiddos were off to the winery for a bridal shower. We pretty much took up the back corner. Between myself, Cassie, Kendra & Charlotte, we had 6 babies! All 3 and under!
We've been busy since High School. Bahah.
But all of the babies were SOOOOO good.
And of course, Landon and Stella just can't get enough of each other!
True love people, true love!
Landon told us it was time to go after about 2 hours so we headed home for a 2 hour nap.
Much needed for this momma!
Then took about 34928374 laps around the backyard before bath time and bed.
And to my surprise our hot water heater went out. So I had to boil water to make the kids bath water warm. Landon looked at me like I was cray!

Sunday the babies and I were up bright and early and headed to Old Navy & Target for a little shopping. My kids are in desperate need for fall clothes. Hand-Me-Downs are welcome. 12-18 months girls and 3T boys. Not kidding. Lol
Then headed to good ole' BK for lunch. Of course Landon's pick.
We ended our weekend with a relaxing dinner out on the patio.
My kids can throw down some chini! 
aka fettuccine!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm still exhausted from Friday. I could have used another day off to regroup!
Stay tuned for some changes on the blog. I THINK I have a name.. just need to get started on the design! Get excited! ;)


Cassie said...


i will go through some of Stella's stuff tonight and pass it on.

we need to have a clothes swap night again!!

Sarah said...

I think I 'awed' at every single picture! I have lots of 3T boy clothes you can borrow. Just give em back okay :)

Kim Luke said...

Cassie Yes I know we do! I had bags of clothes given to Layla her first 6 months. so I definitely need help figuring out what is Stellas. Lol But Landons closet and dresses needs to be gone through soooo bad! Heni is going to make out like a bandit!

Sarah- that would be great, but I would most likely forget what you gave me. lol
Hints what is happening with me & Cassie.