Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Update

Hey Everyone! Linking up with Sami to ramble on about my weekend!
Dane goes back to work this week after being off for OVER 3 WEEKS!!!
My house will somewhat go back to normal now! (probably not....)
But he's on the dreaded night shift, so the kids and I won't be seeing much of him for the next few days which is why we spent nearly every minute this weekend together!
It was nice! :)
Friday night the kids and I packed the car full of presents and whipped vodka
and headed to the Walter's house!
We ordered DiCarlo's that seemed to take 2 hours to get to us, but once we had the food it was well worth the wait! They never disappoint! 
After a few hours of playing and eating we decided to tear into the presents!
But of course not until a little photo shoot!!
Landon & Stella
they will have beautiful babies someday. I just know it! ;)

and we attempted to get a picture of all 5 kids.
do you have any idea how hard that is? 
Poor Faye making a run for it, and poor Layla being held down by Landon. Lol
Thanks iphone for the shittest pictures EVER!

Oh, and Landon managed to get his 1st black eye.
He ran smack into sis!  poor kid! Told you sis was hard headed!!!!

Saturday we headed to the red letter store (Rural King) for Landon to spend the money he got from the Odom's for Christmas.
then we headed to Tequila's for lunch then off to best buy.
We played with the headphones for probably 20 minutes. Lay was dancing and Landon was singing and talking WAY TOO LOUD. It was hilarious!

When headed home for horsey rides!
(I confess I was riding too, but got off to take the picture. Dane is a trooper!)

And I cooked for like the 3rd time this week. Seriously people, that's a record!
AND it was edible. 
Naaaah, it was DELISH!!!!

Then we broke out our BB purchases.

I'm pretty sure the game was bought for Landon, but Dane couldn't resist. 
Landon did get a turn, and he's pretty damn good!

Lay headed to bed and we broke out
 OMG. I swear I haven't laughed this hard is a LONG TIME!!!
It's official, MY HUSBAND HAS MOVES.
This will be the only one I post. 
i have a video...i MIGHT post it. he threatened me. hmmmm.. lol
but seriously, play this game. it's fun & a workout!!!!

 Sunday I woke up to find that 
 This makes me happy!!!
Lets go BLUES!!! 

 But I was quickly disappointed.. 
 because I had to leave this madness  
 to come to work.

Hope you all had a great weekend!! 
Looking forward for my 4 day work week then headed to Nashville!!!


The Pink Growl said...

I want to play Just Dance! The commercials always get me going! 4 days sister!!!!

keepingupwithkristen said...

Landon and Stella will def. be voted Cutest Couple in high school! There's nothing better than watching a guy dance...I vote that you should upload the video : )
Sorry you had to leave your babies and go back to work..I have no babies, but I still have the same sad face. One day I'll win the lottery and there will be no more working for us..just lots of wine and margaritas!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Bacon wrapped green beans are a Snodgrass fav... YUMMY!!

I would die to see Dane bust a move, just sayin ;-)

Love Landon and Layla's bro/sis moment. TOO.SWEET. And those crazy kids standing on their heads... oh wait, are they on the coffee table?? LOL

And WHOA, you look like your sister Brandi in the last photo!!

Have fun in Nashville! You're going to LOVE it :) XO

Christin Theiss said...

those kids are just too adorable! Im your newest follwer via blog hop! cant wait to read more! <3 christin

Adrien said...

Next time Eric is giving the girls horsey rides I think I'll ask for one, too. Baha! :)

Cassie said...

awww i love all of this. so much happiness bursting in the pictures. well, besides the last one. i'm totally coming over for the next just dance party. chicken dance style!

Recently Roached said...

We just got back from Nashville!:) Wahoo. Love that place.

Your kids are too cute. Love that kissing picture :)

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Omg! Just Dance 4 is a riot. 2 kids and 2 adults did Ricky Martin and we looked like wild chickens but gosh it's fun.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Looks like a jam-packed, fun weekend! Except for Landon's black eye :(

Have fun in Nashville! And thanks for linking up with us for Weekend Update!!