Monday, January 21, 2013

Wrap up!

Right into this.

Friday night was awesome. Just me and L&L!
We did a little shopping at wal-mart then dinner.
Landon insisted on Taco Bell for a quesadilla. 
I however, Cannot eat ANYTHING from there right now. So I ordered off Applebee's weight watchers menu and got food to go.
Let's just say the Jalapeno-Lime Shrimp was AMAZEBALLS.
and only 300 calories. BOOM!

running til my legs almost fell off.
delish food.
detoxing. (i love itworks!!!!!!)

Saturday was a lazy day.
Lay was up bright at early at 7 and Landon decided to be a sleep head
Landon showed off his big guns
and lay rocked her new sunglasses from target!

 Saturday night I went out with these lovely ladies to watch the Blues KICK DETROIT'S ASS!!!!
Mom's night out!
We thought we were pretty clever.
Many drinks later and white castle at midnight. I was so excited to go to bed!
Momma was exhausted!

Sunday was full of playing firefighter and cops, papa john's and Jillian Michael's kicking my ass!!!

Tomorrow I am Texas bound.
I am having bad anxiety already.
Tuesday-Friday without my babies. :((((((
Thank god for face time!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!!

ps. my favorite song officially has a video. CHECK IT!


Adrien said...

Yes, thank the Lord for face time! Have fun in Texas!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Landon is such a stud :)) And Layla.... how stinkin cute!! Have a safe trip to Texas momma! Just think of all the hugs and kisses you'll get when you get home!!! XO