Thursday, May 26, 2011

10 Things I'm Loving....

Thursday! Yes!! 1 day from Friday. HOORAY! I have been in a crappy mood the past 24 hours, and everything I have wanted to blog about is negative. So to save you from reading about me whining and complaining.. why not blog about things that I love to try and turn this day around!

So here it goes... 10 things I love..

* Arbys curly fries and sweet tea.
Seriously, I could eat it every single day and never get tired of it. and It's the only fries Landon eats lately, so it's my excuse too! ha!


*My awesome, super fantastic doctor.
Seriously, how do women get through their pregnancies without a Doctor Snowden??

*My growing, healthy baby boy, Landon.
I can still call him baby, right? Only 19 days until his 2nd birthday.. ugh, I cry every time I say 2. :(

*Soft Batch Cookies.

*Busch NA.
How this prego is going to get through all the summer BBQ's!

*Veggie Dip Lil' Crunchers
The only way Landon and I can get through a shopping trip lately.

*Creative Bent Photography
Hands down, best photographer ever. If she can manage to get cute pictures of Landon, She can do wonders with your kids. Love CB!!!!!

*Blake Shelton's song Honey Bee
Radio turned up as loud as it can go when its on. I just love it!

*My In-Laws coming to visit this weekend.
Well, Dane's dad & Step mom.. So excited! Landon loves Paw Paw!!

Share what your loving today!! :)


Sarah said...

He'll always be your baby :)

I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around having a THREE year old ((well in six months lol)) Doesn't that make you sound old?!? "I have a three year old"

CB is ahhhhmazing!! Trav thinks Anna is smokin so he doesn't mind family photos.

Thanks for a positive post!! I need good energy all around me these last few weeks!!

Kim Luke said...

yes, sayin you have a 3 year old makes you sound old. hahaha just kidding. I can't imagine that though!!

Anna is beautiful, I do agree with Travis. And She is "super fun" lol.
I swear someday (maybe in another lifetime) I will have her body. ugh.