Friday, May 20, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess I missed Confession Friday last week, and I felt lost!! sad, right?!

*I confess I could have sworn today was Thursday.. and Dane said something last night reminding me about the Grizzlies game tonight... and I had to sit and think for seriously 5 minutes if it was really Friday already!!!!

*I confess I shed enough tears on Wednesday to last the rest of my pregnancy.. seriously, I never want to go through that again. lol

*I confess I missed a baby shower last Sunday because Dane got called into work Saturday AND Sunday because of the lovely gun battles in Cahokia that had him arrest 13 people.

(Crystal, If you read this--please don' think I'm a terrible friend... My kid is just too crazy right now to take him to a party with all adults! lol I have a your gift and would LOVE to make it up to you!!!!)

*I confess I worry night and day when Dane is at work. Why can't he be a stay at home daddy with me?!?!?! baha. jk'ing. but seriously. scary!!!!

*I confess I skipped today's song of the day, because it's a song that makes you sad... and well, it's Friday & I don't want to think of anything sad... plus, that's better for a Monday anyways!

*I confess we only ate at home 1 day this week.. oops. At least one day we got free pizza from Domino's!

*I confess I made my first pom pom yesterday, and I love it. If I had more tissue paper at home, I probably would have made 75 of them yesterday.

*I confess out of the 15 garage sales in my subdivision last weekend, we were the ONLY house that had BOY things. EVERY.SINGLE.ONE had little girls 5 and under. It was CRAZY!!!! How do I lock Landon's door from the outside??? I need to learn early!!!

*I confess we have a new babysitter for tomorrow night, and I am super nervous. Landon has been very needy with mommy and daddy lately, and I fear for you Jenn. I know you will do great with him, I just hope he can adjust quickly to you!!!

*I confess that I can't wait for the builders to be DONE with the house behind us. These guys are out there banging away every single day at 6am! I want to open the window and yell across the yard that I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!!!! grrr! I was so happy for rain yesterday!!!!

*I confess we are attempting Landon's pictures again next week on Thursday. Except I am going back to Creative Bent. Yes, I will be paying with 1 arm and both legs, but at least we will have cute pictures!

*I confess that I am terrified to go to the doctor next Tuesday. I know you aren't suppose to "eat for two" during your pregnancy, but I can guarantee I've been eating for at least 3 these last few weeks!!! yikes!

*I am so jealous to read about everyone I know going on vacation or just getting back. I think a mommy of a almost 2 year old and 5 1/2 months pregnant deserves a vacation more than most of you.. just sayin.

*I confess I have a lot of things to get done before tomorrow, (like clean house, get presents for a graduation party and birthday party).. But I think I'm going to put both of them off, and take Landon to the spring carnival at my nephews school this afternoon. I think he deserves it! :)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Please--Leave your confessions below! :)

Happy Birthday Shannon Snodgrass!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

*added confession I forgot about :)

*I confess Landon was walking around the house the other day saying what I thought was "damn it". He wouldn't stop saying it no matter how many times I asked him not to.. and he looked at me so confused when I told him to stop, that it was a bad word!! About 20 minutes later he comes into the room with bag of donuts that he climbed up onto the counter to get and screams "DAMN IT"!!!!!!!! Dope! He was saying DONUT this entire time!!!!! hahahaha whoops!!


Cassie said...

i'm right with you on the vacations girly!!

i confess that the guy who sits next to me at work in on a baby moon with his wife right now. i'm pretty sure i won't be talking to him for at least 2 weeks when he comes back.

i confess that i have totally learned to pull of the sunburnt nose/sunglasses tan face. lol. ptl for good bronzer.

i confess that i want to go swimming sooooo bad. i don't want to be in a swim suit, but i want to go!!

Adrien said...

I confess that some days I am really thankful for Eric's desk job, especially when I see confessions like yours! I never even thought about the fact that on top of all the other stresses in your life, you have to worry about Dane when he goes to work. We'll definitely keep his safety in our prayers!

I confess that I want to throw up when I see some people are taking ANOTHER vacation, and I know I don't even get ONE this year. Boo!

Heather Rahn said...

I confess that your confessions about vacations are making me feel bad. I work 40+ hours every week and go to school part time and write for the paper and pay my own bills by myself!! I think I deserve it!

Meagan said...

I confess that I got jealous the other day when you mentioned having Jimmy Johns, even if they did mess up your order! I love me some JJ!!

Adrien said...

Haha, Heather. I think everyone deserves a vacation! But I seriously know a couple of people who are getting ready to leave on their second or third vacation this year already...and well...that's just annoying!

Jamie said...

I confess it has been way to long since we have done lunch. We need to get together soon, I wanna see the baby bump...oh and you to. Let me know when you are free.

Kim Luke said...

I said *most*, didn't say you specifically, Heather.
I know someone who is getting ready to leave on their SECOND vacation this year, AND I know they go on at the end of every year. just jealous..very jealous! thats all! :)