Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

I've debated all morning whether to do this post or not. To be honest it's Monday and I am being extremely lazy.. but I have a couple pictures that I thought I'd share with everyone!

Friday was pretty low key. Dane, Landon & I hung out at home all night, ordered Imo's and spent about 4 hours pricing things for our yard sale this coming Saturday. I only bought 1 pack of stickers, thinking 315 would be plenty because I really don't have that much to sell. Wrong. I used about 400 just on Landon's clothes. whoops!

Saturday Morning I got up around 6 and got ready and headed to Millstadt for their village wide yard sale. Why are girls clothes so stinkin cute?!?! Seriously, I brought $50 cash with me..thinking I would find a couple things and leave with $20-$30. Wrong. Dane called around 8:30 and said Landon wanted mommy, so they were coming to meet us at the yard sales. By time he got to town I had a bag full of clothes for Landon and Layla & a new bouncer for Layla and I had $5 left. Spent $2.25 on Landon a hot dog. ugh, I know-- $2.25!!!!! that he ate 2 bites of and then was finished with it. figures!

Dane ended up losing his cell phone somewhere along a street where.. The nice lady that found it called his dad, who got ahold of me. So we had to back track where we just were and found it!! whew! Landon scored a new spider man helmet that comes with elbow pads and knee pads, but he doesn't like wearing those.. but the helmet is a different story.. the past 2 days--you won't see this kid without his helmet on..

Sorry for the nudity.. I couldn't resist! ;)

Saturday Night was another low key night! We spend most of the evening messing with yard sale things,and got everything put out into the garage. Everything that I believe is in the sale is priced and ready to go.. any early shoppers?? come on by!!! :) I am thinking about doing the sale Friday too.. I just don't know how well Landon will be with having the garage door open. I have a feeling I will be chasing him up and down the street. probably not a good idea with no help.

Sunday was one of the best days I've had in a long time. My husband sure knows how to spoil me!!!!!!! As soon as I woke up Landon brought me my present. I got a mommy to be massage because I LOVED the one I had with Landon SOOOOO much and a gift card to the salon I love to get my hair done at, but can't afford to now that I'm a stay at home mommy!!! And I also got a pretty awesome card.. But I'm not allowed to touch it... As soon As I opened it up, Landon screamed at ripped it out of my hands. Why you ask?? Because this is the card...

This year I honestly believed that Landon picked out my Mother's Day card!! lol It's too cute! He has been carrying it around with him all day!! :) After we got breakfast we headed off to do a little shopping.

Who wouldn't love hanging out with these 2 all day??? Shopping was a success..other than Landon dumping his entire container of banana puffs on the floor at target! After shopping we went and got lunch & headed home. Momma got to take a nap!! Yess! Landon was suppose to join me in this nap, but decided to only sleep for 20 minutes so we decided to head to Belleville and go to dinner somewhere. Landon was A CRAB!!! so we decided to get The Pasta House to go and head to my moms house and eat dinner & visit with them for awhile! Then on the way home I had a sweet tooth so we stopped by Happy Days in Millstadt for some ice cream! It was DELISH!!! While I was waiting for my ice cream a stranger pointed out my belly for the first time this pregnancy.. I've really noticed it getting bigger the last week or so, but didn't know it was "that obvious" for a stranger to say something. Once we were in the car I told Dane I wanted to tell them I wasn't pregnant sooooo bad just to see their response. Baha, have you ever wanted to do that to someone?!?!? :) But the best part of the entire weekend was I didn't have to change 1 diaper on Sunday!!!!! Woohoo!!! But don't worry, Landon has repaid me for that today with 3 smelly ones! :)

Hope Everyone had a great weekend!!!!

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