Wednesday, May 18, 2011

F* you hormones!!! [[venting...beware]]

It's official.. hormones have fully taken over me today.

Landon woke up in a great mood today so I figured I've been putting off getting his 2 year old pictures long enough-- a kid with a good nights sleep in a perfect mood, lets go! So I make the appointment about 2 hours before nap time and we head to the mall to get something new to wear! We were at the mall for about a hour, had lunch & still, Landon was in BEST mood!!!

We get to portrait innovations and he's up playing, smiling, laughing having a great time. Then its our turn and he doesn't want to do anything except hold onto my leg. The photographer could say NOTHING except- "ugh Landon sit here... ugh" seriously lady.. HE'S 2 and not a dog!!! He doesn't understand the concept of you wanting him to sit in one place for you to take his picture, let him play 2 feet over from where you want him to play and take his picture. nope. She sat there on her butt playing with her camera- while I got out the props, I was trying to get him to do different things-- and NOT ONE picture was taken. 30 minutes just basically just sitting there while I struggled to get him to "SIT" like a damn dog. UGH. Then the oh so friendly photographer wants to tell Landon that "she hopes his baby sister is a little more well behaved than him, and she couldn't believe he was acting this way." I didn't say another word, just packed up my things and grabbed Landon.. she wanted to say "mam, would you like to reschedule".. I just laughed and said "your kidding, right" and continued to walk out.

I get out to the car and seriously just lost it. tears galore. hormones don't help this situation ANY. but I honestly think that any mom would have sat there and cried after their child was just insulted by a woman who failed to do her job.

It has been 2 hours on the minute since we attempted the first picture and there are still tears rolling down my face.

Seriously, this mom needs a drink!!!!


Heather Rahn said...

Awww...I saw you post on Facebook. Things will look up! Go find a hilariously funny blog and read it for a while.

Meagan said...

I had the exact same experience at Portrait Innovations for Keegan's 2 year pictures!! I will never go back there again!! And...can I just add that you were way too nice to that lady, if she would of said that to me about my child all hell would of broke loose!!

Cassie said...

AMEN Meagan, I would have been the SAME way!!

Sorry bff. I can come over for some NA with lime tonight if you want!!