Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday night Dane and I took Landon to the Grizzlies Home Opener game. If you have never been to a grizzlies game, you have to go. They are a lot of fun, kid friendly and tickets are $5!! Can't beat that! Landon ran around the entire game like a mad man.. But so did the other 500 kids there, so it's the one public place that it's OK! lol
He was choose to draw the 50/50 attendance price in the middle of the 7th inning.. and well, that was about 9:30 and Landon had had enough and was ready to go to sleep, so we left about 15 minutes before it was time to draw, so another lucky kid got to do it in his place. Next time! We get home and get situated and in bed around 11 and Dane gets called out. Oh the glory of him working in Cahokia!!
I actually have NO pictures of Landon from the game Friday. Only this one of the guys with Izzy. Landon won't go ANYWHERE near Izzy.. TERRIFIED!!!!

Saturday morning we did a little shopping and then that afternoon we had a graduation party to attend for the lovely Katie Duncan! She graduated from Columbia High School and is very excited to attend Meramac College next year! So proud of her!!! :))

Saturday night was the hardest part of the weekend. My mom was throwing a surprise 50th birthday party for her boyfriend, Dave at Shenanigans in Belleville... which meant we had to get a sitter. As much as I love a night away, it just hasn't gotten any easier to leave him. I guess because I am with him 24/7 it makes it that much harder when he cries when I leave :( But we survived and had a great time at the party. Granted we were home by 10:30, but that was good enough for me!! My mom worked so hard on his party, and it sure did show! She had over 100 people show up and they all turned Shenanigans into a biker bar for the evening! :)My beautiful momma & Dave

Sunday was our family day! We went to wal-mart that morning and got Landon a little pool for him to swim in (which he basically wanted nothing to do with) and we grilled and played outside for a majority of the day! It's nice to have days where you don't have to leave the house, unless you want to! We all got a little sun, and just relaxed and enjoyed the day :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

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