Friday, May 27, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that Dane is working ALL weekend, so this doesn't even really feel like a Friday to me. Boo.

*I confess our fence was suppose to be put in Wednesday. And still nothing.

hints "WAS"...reasoning for my bad mood the past 48 hours.

When they came to our house to give us our quote, they promised they weren't like Chesley Fence Company and didn't make excuses why they couldn't do the fence due to weather. LIAR. We are paying you $5,000. PUT UP OUR FENCE NOW!!! :

*I confess Landon farted this morning and looked at me and laughed & said "I farted mommy" no kidding bud! :)

*I confess I've ignored peoples calls this week, and I don't plan on returning any of the calls either... I just don't feel like talking about YOU for the 45 minutes you will keep me on the phone. Sorry my 2 year old is running out the door.. I just don't have time.

*I confess my due date is 4 months from tomorrow and we have NOTHING done in her nursery. The treadmill, computer, gun cabinet are all in the "nursery" and closet is still full! Dane thinks we have all the time in the world. drives me bonkers! I like being prepared!!

*I confess Landon's birthday present should be in SOON. and we have no way of getting it to our house.. anyone have a truck and muscles I can borrow???

*I confess our pool opens Monday in our subdivision, and I can't wait. Sorry for what your about to see neighbors but I can't wait to get SUN and get exercise from swimming!

*I confess Landon has driven his 4-wheeler around the house and outside nearly everyday since his 1st birthday party... and he FINALLY learned how to steer it on Monday!!!! Hooray for no more scuff marks on the walls and cars!!!!

*I confess I've been thinking a lot about Adrien's promised scheduled booty calls. haha OK, that isn't what it is, but I thought it was funny! anyways, Only because i know my sex drive isn't as active this pregnancy as it was before, and like it was when I was pregnant with Landon.. and I know Dane's hasn't changed. and don't "Poor Dane" just yet! he isn't deprived but I think maybe a reminder will help me? lol

*I confess Landon has had no supervision for the last 20 minutes, and I'm scared. So I have to go :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!!!!

And if your drinking, please have one for me!


Cassie said...

You can always borrow our truck!! So excited for his present!!

I would comment on the booty stuff but we all know how open my husband is about sharing his thoughts.....fml.

Love you, let's hang out A LOT this weekend and get some sun!!

Kim Luke said...

Really?? Josh won't mind lending out the dad mobile for a hour or so??

No comment. You already know my opinion on that one.. :|

I agree!!! What are you doing Saturday night? Dane said there is a parade in Maeystown if you want to go? The website says there are rides and games for all ages.. Landon loves to ride the cars, so I might take him if they have those lol Stella might like them too if she loves driving the pink car so much! haha

Adrien said...

I confess that the deal is still on, but I'm losing steam! There have been plenty of instances of waking Eric up after he has already fallen asleep and asking, "Hey do you wanna do it?" I keep hoping he'll be too tired....nope! Never! I wouldn't bother, but I know he'd be upset in the morning. Haha. I do it for love. :D

Shannon Snodgrass said...

hahahaha... can't stop laughing about Landon farting and the comment that followed!! Too funny!! We got Landon's invite in the mail yesterday and we would love to come. He looks like such a little man in the photo, he's growing up so fast :( I can't wait to see his pictures you had taken. He is so handsome :))

I feel ya on getting the nursery done. I had to "schedule" the month of July to ONLY work on her room so it will get done. I'm starting to get really nervous. I'm such a planner, it needs to be done!!!!

I confess that I was excited to see the pools are opening this weekend too but I'M SCARED TO DEATH TO WEAR A SUIT, LOL!!! I guess screw it because it's one thing to be prego but to be prego and pasty (lol)... NO WAY :))

Another teeny tiny little confession on the booty stuff... morning, noon, night... breakfast, lunch and dinner... midnight snack, I could keep going but you get the point. I'm waiting for the "you gotta be kidding me" but amazingly enough, I haven't got it yet, bahahaha. Pregnancy has it perks :))

Still laughing about Landon.... ;) Have a great weekend and get some "you" time in there!!! xoxo

Adrien said...

P.S Your subdivision has a pool?? Any places to rent out there? Haha.

Kim Luke said...

Haha currently no place to rent right now... but I would LOVE for you & the girls to come swim with us!!!! Especially since we're both home all day!! Think about it!: ) It's a open invitation!