Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Baby No Name

Choosing a name for Landon was so easy. The day we knew we were having a boy-- I made this little name tag at work. (yes, working hard) And I snuck off to the bathroom and snapped this picture to announce the name of our baby boy!

This time however has not been so easy. I had a girl name picked out since I was like 4 that I just knew my little girl would be named..but when people you know have girls before you and name their daughter that, or something similar--you have no choice but to think of something new.

Last week we thought we had a decision made.. we even told 1 person that was her name.. and every time I hear someone say the name I just get confused. I don't know if that sounds like her name. Ahh!

So here we are
Hello my name is......


Maybe I just haven't heard the perfect name for her.. or maybe I have and I am just second guessing it..

I need your ideas...


Kacie said...

Well, maybe you need to make a poll like someone previously said with a few names, two of them being the two names you have thought of and see what the votes are. But remember, this is your little girl, you can name her whatever you want, dont let anyone tell you different! =)

Adrien said...

Don't feel bad and don't feel pressured...but I totally feel your pain. My first daughter's name was always supposed to be Madelyn. Then EVERYONE started naming their girls Madelyn or Madeline and Madison and every form of "Madi" possible. So Evelyn got choice number 2.

Here's a confession: I don't love Grace's name. It's an okay name, but it wasn't my favorite. I only went with it because Eric wanted it so badly and I thought he should get some say, too. If it were up to me, Gracie probably would have been Janie. :) We already have names picked for our next child boy or girl. I'm afraid to say, because I don't want people to steal them, haha.

Heather Rahn said...

Maybe you won't know her name until you see her.

Sarah said...

Well, we all know that Logan was not my first choice.

I went through the baby name book. Highlighted the ones I would consider. Travis picked THREE out of the 30+ names I chose. Then we had the family vote. Logan won 99 to 1. I had to say it for a week or two before we shared it to anyone else. It grew on me.

Don't be in a rush!! You still have a "few" weeks left :)

Melissa Cheek said...

I guess I could read your mind on names because out of your list of names I came up with Khloe and Lucy to suggest to you and they were on the list lol! All of the names are great, just do what makes you happy!

Lara said...

Our original name was taken two days before Ty was born. We had it down to 3 again and didn't pick it untill after he was born. It took me a long time to really like it and sometimes I still wish it was longer. But it totally fits him and he is gonna love us when he starts writing, lol!

Oh, and I am a bit nervous because my girl name is on your list. But if you use it, I won't hate you since I know you didn't steal it. I did voted for Paige, though :)