Monday, September 13, 2010


This morning my sister was loading up her 4 boys in the van to take Jason & Jacob to school.. Jayden was sleepy so Jason was carrying him since Bran was carrying out Julian in the car seat.. Well Jason tripped, and dropped Jayden.. then fell on top of him! Jayden cried and cried, but Brandi thought he was just in a little shock and a little pain for his big 100lb brother falling on top of him... 1 hour passed and he was still crying.. and he refused to walk. every time she was ask him to walk to her, he would stand up and start shaking really bad, crying, then wouldn't stand up anymore.. so she knew something was wrong.
She called his doctor right away and had him a doctor appointment at 10am. His doctor took one look at him and sent him straight to the ER to get x-rays done from hips down. After 3 hours they were finally told that his right leg was for sure broken, and they don't know about his left leg to take him somewhere else. WHAT?!?!? If the doctor knew it was a possibility that one of his legs could be broken, why would she recommend them even going to the hospital that her office is in. Makes me so angry that they made a 2 year old with a broken leg, sit in a room for 4 hours with NO pain medication if in the end, they knew there was nothing they could do for him!?!?!?!?!?
So they released him and they headed to Cardinal Glennon in St Louis, where they took x-rays again.. and confirmed that his right leg is broken..and his left leg is okay!! After 2 hours they said that surgery is not necessary, that all he needs is a cast. He has a white hard cast for now, next week he will get it changed and he will wear that cast for 6 weeks!!!! I can't imagine having a 1 month old, and a 2 year old not being able to walk! Although we are super busy getting ready to move, I am putting everything I can on hold to help my sister out at this time!! She is supermom, but there is only so much 1 person can take!!!

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Adrien said...

Ouch is right! Poor little guy. The most I've ever broken is a toe, and I thought I was dying. I'm also super picky about which hospitals we go to, which is why I go ridiculously out of my way to find a doctor who will deliver my babies where I want.

I sure hope they finally gave him some pain medicine. Happy to hear he doesn't need surgery. What a trooper!