Friday, September 10, 2010

Confession Friday!

So I got this idea from a few girlfriends blogs.... after reading their confessions, i knew i had to write a few of my just wouldn't be fair! :)

1. while me and my hubby are "taking turns" rubbing each others backs at night...i pretend to be asleep when he is done rubbing mine so i get out of doing his. haha, selfish? yep!

2. i facebook creep. a lot.

3. Landon has got into our bathroom cabinet on several occasions, and plays with tampons like they are swords... and i haven't put them in a new spot because he has fun and laughs with them....o well! :) he probably won't like this story in 15 years from now!

4. I'm a newly contact wearing. yep, ditched the glasses finally. only because Landon ripped them off my face and they broke in half..but anyways.. tonight Dane and I were getting ready to go out to dinner and I was standing at the kitchen sink washing a sippy cup, and i realized i couldn't see very clearly. when i closed my left eye i couldn't hardly see anything out of my right eye. lost my first contact! shoot! i haven't got my others in yet, so i took the one out of my left eye and put it in my right eye (bc my right eye is worse...makes sense, right?)so we spent about 25 minutes feeling around all over the bathroom, my make up table, the area i got dressed in...nothing!! so we are sitting at dinner and i rub my right eye, and the contact comes out. so I'm holding this contact in my hand and i can still see...hmm.. so I touch my eye and waaalaaaa.. another contact on my finger. yep! i had 2 contacts in 1 eye!!! Oops! thanks for looking hunny! :)

Okay. thats enough for today!!

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Adrien said...

Your tampon confession seriously cracks me up! I can just picture him brandishing his "sword," haha. I've spent so much time pregnant over the past two years, I hardly know what a tampon IS anymore!