Sunday, September 5, 2010

this weather makes me happy!

What more can we ask for?!!?

This weather is absolutely amazing! Now all i can think about it decorating the house for fall... then I get sad. Half of our house is packed up in boxes! So it looks like I will be late to decorate this year...but it will be at our NEW house once I finally get to decorate!!
We got a call from the bank on Friday saying our closing date on the new house is set to be September 24th. BUT we might be able to talk them into moving it up a little bit. So we have a appointment with them on Tuesday evening to see what we can get done! The sooner the better so we can get in & start painting.. did i mention how much i hate white walls?? and yep, every single wall in the house is WHITE. ..... b.o.r.i.n.g!!!!!

Anyways.. so this weather has me thinking about Halloween!!!
I loved this holiday as a kid...but the older I got, the more boring it got. Yea its fun to go to a party, maybe dress up a little. but it was never like it was when I was little.. UNTIL I had child of my own. Now the excitement is back (even if he is only 1 and really has no idea what is going on....) But I am so excited to dress him up and take him around to all the neighbors house to show him off! Now we just have to decide on a costume. Ive been doing a little browsing for the last couple weeks and I have NO IDEA what he is going to be this year. Do i dress him in something cute? like last year, he was a giraffe. soooooo cute! or should i dress him up in more of a big boy costume.
decisions decisions...


Adrien said...

I'm having the same dilemma, Kim. I've been looking for a costume for a month, and nothing is grabbing me. I vowed last year that I would always get Evie a warm fleece one from Old Navy, but the selection for girls STINKS this year. Now I don't know what to do!

Hi! Im Kim! said...

i know! i looked at old navy too and i didn't find anything i liked either!! i wish they could tell us what they wanted to would be so much easier! lol