Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lucky 15

so my best friend told me I have to blog about this.. lol
something BIG happens to us on the 15th of almost every month! I know, it sounds ridiculous...but its true!!!!!!
Ok, let me fill you in a bit...
Dane got a promotion as a detective on April 15th, 07
We got married November 15th, 08
Landon was born on June 15th, 09
We listed our house for sale on March 15th, 10
I started my job on July 15th, 10
We signed a contingency contract on our new house on August 15th, 10
And we have a contract on our house in Cahokia as of last night, September 15th, 10
Crazy right?!??!?! I think so too!!
Everyone says we should buy a lottery ticket, but i dont think they will let me pick 15 5 or 6 times. lol
Landon turned 15 months yesterday [the 15th :)]
Here are 15 interesting facts about Landon... hehe
1. He is such a lover. he gives the best, wettest kisses! hehe He gives mommy 9 kisses every morning before I leave for work. 1 for every hour that I will be gone for the day.. well Im only gone for 8 hours, but I just can't help but steal just 1 more! :)
2. He says Mommy and the right person!! I thought I was going to be Daddy for ever :)
3. He knows when he is about to do something bad.. he will turn to us, point his finger and say bad...then do the bad thing.
4. he is a climber. not just on the couch. on top of the coffee tables, kitchen tables, on top of my make up table, computer desk.. he would climb on top of the roof if we let him!
5. He is becoming so smart... he can tell us where his belly is, feet, head, booty (haha)
6. Also, he knows what a cow, cat and dog say.. sometimes if we ask a lot in a row, all the sounds start to sound alike..but if you do one or two at a time..he gets them right!
7. I think his favorite color is red...he always goes for the red toy, or the red mardi gras bead, etc.
8. He knows how to "cheese" for pictures!
9. He loves to talk on the phone...and sometimes even the remotes. lol
10. He is allergic to chocolate..but I really don't think it bothers him yet. He doesn't eat much sweets.. he would rather have carrots or ham and cheese. silly boy! :)
11. He is a blankie boy. Binky & Bottle were a piece of cake to get rid of... The blanket is going to be like taking gold from him! (the corner of his blanket is his favorite!!! he will sit a twirl it until he falls asleep)
12. When he is getting tired, we can tell him to go get his cup and his blanket, and he will go to every room in the house until he finds it. and will bring it to us, climb up in the chair & he is good to go! :)
13. He loves mommy reading him a bed time story.. although i have to read the same book about 387384 times before he will actually lay down and start to fall asleep!
14. I think he is going to be a nascar driver... he loves to drive cars!! (toy cars that is! hehe)
15. Although I still have a very hard time being back at work full time, Landon really loves being at daycare! Nana is so great with him, and I just know how much he loves going over there! Every morning we ask him if he is ready to go to Nana's, he will walk to the front door and try to open it (well he does know how to open it, so we have to keep the screen door locked 24/7!!)
These last 15 months have been the BEST 15 months of my life. I could never imagine not having Landon in my life. I think back to my life before him, and I honestly feel like it was sooo boring!! I mean really, what did I do all the time if I wasn't giving him a bath, taking him for walks, playing peek-a-boo, running after him telling him "I'm gonna get you" and watching his little legs work as hard as they can! Ugh, this little boy is my world! I love him so much!
Nothing compares to the love that a mother feels for their child... the feeling is just so overwhelming!! I'm so lucky!!!!!!!! :)

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