Monday, September 20, 2010

4 Days...

Friday can't get here soon enough. Although I say that every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday... This week is much more exciting than my ordinary week!!!
We are planning a Painting Party this Friday Night. EVERYONE and Their friends are welcome! lol We have a lot of white walls to cover! Food, Booze & whatever else you request will be provided!!! :)
So here I am being scatter brained. I'm too lazy to start another new post, ( if you notice, 99% of my blog post are scatter brained.. welcome to my world! :))
Anyways, Can someone help me out....How do you tag someone in your blog?!?!?!?! Ive noticed that some words are highlighted, when you click on them, it takes you to someone else's blog.... HELP this blog virgin out (haha that's funny)
Thanks Dolls!


Meagan said...

Oh...I feel your pain with painting the house! When we moved we painted EVERY room in the house because I HATE white walls also!! And the worst part is that we still aren't done painting! =/

To "tag" someone in your blog, just copy & paste the link that you want to send people to into your post. After that you can change the words of the link to what you want it to say. Does that even make sense?! lol

Kim Luke said...

yes, i will try it! thanks girl! :)

Adrien said...

So exciting! I'm jealous! I put links in by highlighting the words I want linked and then choosing the "add a link" feature when I'm editing my posts. It will ask you which link (url) you want it to go to. Just make sure if you do it that way to bold the text you want linked, because it will just look normal when you publish if you don't. Learned that the hard way. :)