Friday, April 29, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that I have already developed an obsession with buying bows for the baby.

Like these big ones! :) I made my first purchase on them last night--once I get them in the mail, I will post pictures! I am VERY excited!!!!!

*I confess that the myth about girls carry higher than boys is absolutely false. I feel like my pelvic bone is about to break! The U/S tech told me she was low, but geez louise!!!

*I confess I am very excited for the March for Babies walk tomorrow!!! Please hold off rain until the race is over, I don't want a screaming kid during the entire 5k!

*I confess I am still trying to come up with a cute way to tell people what her name is.. I just don't know.. maybe I'll wait til she comes?

*I confess I am so excited the Royal Wedding is over. Because I am just so tired of hearing about it. lol If they wouldn't have talked about it SO much, I might have actually watched it!

*I confess we went to the Chief of Police's retirement party last night & left right after dinner.. We didn't have a sitter and Landon just wasn't having it sitting there for hours. Dined and dashed, sorry Chief!

*I confess a friend of mine told me a hilarious story about her husband yesterday. And just an FYI ladies- DO NOT buy Pert with Menthol shampoo for your man!!!

*I confess this is the first confession I have done that I haven't complained about Dane in since I found out I was pregnant! Good week honey! :)

This confess is boring this week... maybe you have something better to confess about?!?!?!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!


Sarah said...

I confess that if it rains tomorrow during the walk, I might just plop down & cry. I have a feeling getting the car loaded up & having Luke cooperate is going to wear me out more than 10 5ks!!

I confess that I do not understand how in pregnancy you can not drink a single ounce of liquid & still have to pee every time you stand up!? klsiufojs

Adrien said...

I can probably guess what happened in the menthol situation. Hahaha...

I confess that when I saw your facebook blog update I thought, "Kim beat me!" :)

Cassie said...

I confess that watching Landond sleep on the couch and then him just being such a big boy at your house the other day just made me fall more and more in love with the fact that I'm having a boy. Thank you Lando! Aunt Cassie loves you!!

Anonymous said...

I confess that even tho having 3 kids, all underthe age of 4, every time I get around pregnant women or newborn babies, I want to have another baby. Do I need another one? Prolly not...but we will see. Jessica Keys

Shannon said...

I confess that you're killing me.... I want you to spill the beans on your name choice, lol ;) Pssst... I'll tell you IF you tell me!!

I confess I was cracking up this morning thinking about the "Pert" incident AGAIN!!!

I confess if Thursday doesn't get here soon, I'm going to bust out of my skin. The waiting game is NOT COOL, lol.

I confess that I love my crazy life and it is getting more chaotic by the day. Two puppies and a baby on the way... WHAT WAS I THINKING?? Oh yea, I wasn't :) Finishing the basement and starting on the baby's room... NOT THINKING AGAIN!! Complete and utter chaos but I wouldn't trade one second of one day for ANYTHING!!!

Kim Luke said...

Sarah-I couldn't agree more. Not only will I cry because I'll be soaked and uncomfortable-- But Landon will be a nightmare!! Im already stressing. lol

Adrien- Landon woke up early today, So I got a head start on my confession while he watched Mickey! :)

Cassie- Landon loves you too, Even though he will gladly open the door for you and slam it shut before you get both feet out the door.. he really does love your company. lol

Jess- If you can handle 4 kids under the age of 4- then I say go for it. That takes a powerful woman to do it! I sure as hell couldn't!!!!

Shannon- You crack me up! I'll text you! :)) I also think your absolutely crazy for getting TWO puppies after you knew you were pregnant!!! Nutso I tell you!! lol thats like having 3 newborns in the house!! AHHH!!!! Can't wait to see you tomrorow!!!!!!!!!