Tuesday, December 13, 2011

3 months already!

Miss Layla is 3 months old today!
And this is the only picture I got before she started SCREAMING.
Home girl HATES tummy time.
She has rolled over twice, but I'm pretty sure they were flukes because she was so pissed about being on her tummy that she kicked hard enough to roll over!
But sit her up, and she is a happy little girl!! She is afraid she is going to miss something!
Happy Baby
Ahh. 3 months already!!
slow down baby, slow down!!
Love you bigger than the world <3


Lara said...

Little Layla, you are too sweet!

Heather said...

She totally looks like Landon in that third picture. So cute!! Still lovin the hair!

Ashley Mitchell said...

Kim, she is adorable!!! I just love the hair. So precious.

Kim Luke said...

Thanks girls.
I'll take a picture of the back of her hair and post it.... it's a full grown mullet. lol

sblind2 said...

so cute!! Brody hates tummy time too!

Adrien said...

Happy three months, Layla!!

Cassie said...

yay, love you baby lay!!