Friday, December 30, 2011

Concert Outfit!

(sorry Heather! lol)

We are almost at the 1 month mark!

1 month & 4 days until I am FRONT ROW, CENTER STAGE seeing these guys!!

Ahhhh. be still my heart ;)
So anyways, the reason for this post.
I started putting together my outfit for the show. In February.
My sisters decided we were wearing shorts.
Definitely hope our hotel is super close because we are planning on walking to the concert.

This is what I have bought so far.
No my shirt isn't a XS and my pants aren't a 00 like this picture.
Are people really even that size? If so, F them! jk skinny bitches ;)

I lucked out and missed getting the boots I wanted. They went on sale (40 fucking percent off. Sorry about my language. still PISSED) the day after Christmas.
I happened to get on my phone and look at them on the 26th but couldn't order off my phone & we were headed to Dane's moms house so I didn't get a chance to buy them until that night. They were sold out in my size. Holy tears. I cried. Over boots!!! :((
They were "the one".
I'm starting the think there are no boots out there for me. The past 3 months I've been looking for new boots, 2 pairs that I loved have sold out in my size.
I've been searching and searching for other cute boots, but I'm not having any luck.
That's where I need YOU..
Help me find boots and accessories to go with my outfit!

PLEASE & Thank you!! :)


Jackie said...

Have you tried Chuck's Boots in South County...I know its sounds like a man store and for the most part it is but they have tons of cowboy boots and then some...may want to check it out...

Kim Luke said...

dude seriously, Dane told me the same thing. I laughed at him because I thought it was only a men's store! Whoops! I'm going to soco tonight, Might have to check them out!!!

Jackie said...

BAHAHAHA...too funny! The first time I went there I was like they have womens shoes....Eli was like yeah.....I was so surprised! They have kid shoes too!!!

You will be blown away with how many cowboy boats they have!!!

Kacie said...

I bought a pair of cowboy boots from Rural King and I love them :)

Jamie said...

Cute shorts!

Alyx said...

They've got a bunch on sale for $60, and there's some pretty cute pairs! Have no idea what your style is... but hey - I'm sure there's something there!