Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Baby!

I love seeing what everyone wants for Christmas. I hope that every single person gets everything on their list. Including Jason Aldean for you, Heather! Lol
Here are a few things on my Christmas list. Some I know are not realistic, but a girl can wish... right!
An iPhone. Yes I would like to someday join the rest of the world and own a smart phone. But my contract isn't up until February. So probably not going to happen.

Momma needs a good new bra. And it's one store I am guaranteed to spend the entire card on. Anywhere else I walk out with more things for the kids than myself.
A tanning bed. Ha. kidding. realistically, I would be happy with a tanning package. Pasty is not cute!
New Cowboy boots. Since the pair I wanted is sold out. :(
But Santa, I won't need these if Heather gets her pair for Christmas... I will just steal hers! ;)
A new trash can. Duh, what girl doesn't want a new trash can.
Bahaha. Sorry Cass, had to! ;)
ps. I googled trash can, and I'm pretty sure this is the exact same trash can you got! lol

Most importantly I want both of my babies to be healthy again!!! They have both been sick this entire week, and Lay has her first fever :(

That's all. For now.
I promise I was good! :)


Emily said...

VS had bras buy one, get one half off not too long ago. Their bras are the BEST so I stocked up. =)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Lol.trash can!! You kill me!

Heather said...

Man...that's a nice trash can. And those are SUPER cute boots. Where are those from?

Kim Luke said...

Heather said...

WHAT?! They are cheaper than the other ones I like! Are they online only?!

Kim Luke said...

Im not sure it doesn't say.

here is the link to them:

Cassie said...

oh my god that is the EXACT trash can! holla!!

be jealous ladies be jealous!

Kim Luke said...

trust me, I am.

Every time I throw something away I think "damn, I wish my lid didn't slam down on me and would slowly close like Cassie's does"


Heather said...

So getting those boots.

I'm jealous of the color of your trash can. Mine is bright ass white. I would love to have a black one all blinged out with chrome. It's like he pimped and old trash can.

Kim Luke said...

if Santa doesn't bring them to me, Can I borrow yours?? lol

Heather said...

Sure...with all the strings attached!

Kim Luke said...

I swear to live up to my word!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

lol, that's a nice trash can!! Almost as bad as me getting a lawn edger for my birthday... which btw, I can't use now because we live in the middle of the woods in BFE! Not complaining about the woods but I was a little OCD on the lawn back in my Millstadt days, lol. Hey, I had a "lawn rep" to keep up in my hood!! :)

Those boots are too darn cute! Love them!! Gotta love some VS :) If you get the tanning bed, can I come over?? (JK) Pasty is not my fav color. I hope Santa brings you everything on your list. You deserve it girl :)

P.S. I hope your babies feel better soon :(

Jackie said...

I would love an iphone but Eli will never agree to!

I have never owned a pair of cowboy boots but I think I need to make investment....they have some cute ones out there!

Hope the kiddos feel better....Loreli is seeming alittle sluggish today...I hope it doesn't turn into anything!

Emily said...

I love my iPhone...worth the money for sure! =)