Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Friday!

Woo Woo Friday Friday Friday!!
Ok, really I'm not that chipper today.
Had a couple margaritas last night with my lovely friend Dee Dee and had to be at work at 7am. But no hang over so that's great!

I'm sure most of you have seen on my facebook about the accident I witnessed last night. 16 hours later and I'm pretty sure my blood pressure is still high. The kiddos and I were headed to the PD to get Dane and we are 1 block away from turning in and all of a sudden a semi starts to pull out onto Route 3 and t-bones a explorer. The suv starts rolling right in front of us. Landon is screaming, I'm screaming. Scariest moment of my entire life. I was in the process of calling Dane to let him know we were pulling in when the accident happened, so the police were there in 2.5 seconds.
Honestly, what would you do in that situation? The car next to me stops, then drives around the suv. me? I jump out of the car and run to the guy. Obviously there wasn't much I could do. But if I'm in a accident and am hanging upside down stuck in a vehicle, I would not want to look over and see cars just driving around me!!

So after giving my statement to the police aka my husband.
Who had to ask me my phone number for the report.
So I tell him. He starts writing and ASKS ME AGAIN what it was.
O.M.G. If I wasn't so shaken up I probably would have gave him a fake number just because. lol I've had the SAME NUMBER for the almost 6 years we've been together. annnnnnnyways...that's a whole other post. lol
We get in the truck and head to O'Fallon MO to look at a different fireplace since the ASS sold the one I wanted 6 hours before I was suppose to pick it up.
But this is what we came home with..
Holy HUGE!
This thing is sooo big. It didn't look that big until we got it home in our living room!
And I admit, It is A LOT nicer (and bigger) than the one I had originally had my eye on. It's even remote controlled, the glass doesn't get hot, there are no real flames aka CHILDPROOF!
Very excited about this purchase. Merry Christmas to us!
Lets just home we find a nice home for it somewhere in our living room!! I can't wait to hang our stockings from it and decorate it!!!
(yes, that is the only reason why I wanted it. ha!)
So while we are out in O'Fallon, I stop by this lady's house I found on facebook because she is selling toys still in the original package for less than half of what they are in the store. Don't know where or how home girl got these and are selling them for cheap, but I bought 3 of them.
Spent $30 on 3 toys that would have cost me over $80 brand new. Even one of them is Handy Manny. and everyone knows that
Handy Manny = Happy Landon!!!!

Back to work for me. Gotta get something done today!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Heather said...

Loving that fireplace!!! I would kill to have one of those.

And I am so glad you guys are okay!! What a scary ordeal. Too funny about Dane asking for your phone number so many times...he was probably trying to see if you were in shock or something.

Kim Luke said...

Seriously they aren't that expensive!!! and I'm hold it will help with our heater running all the time so it should save money there!
We got this one off craigslist

Lara said...

I can't ever find good stuff craigslist! That fireplace is gorgeous!
I have never witnessed a accident but from someone who has unfortunately been in my share of them, that was totally the right thing to stop and check on that man. And to the ass that was to busy to day you may be in that same situation and regret how you reacted!