Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas with the Lukes

I am back to work today after being off a week!
And the time off has been amazing!
I have spent every single day with my family. No fancy vacations to talk about, nothing to wow you..
Just Christmas break with my hubby, kids, family and in-laws!!
Ever tried getting 2 kids to look at a camera at the same time? Impossible.

Christmas Eve we celebrated with my mom's side of the family.
And this is what the kids did pretty much the entire time.
Until it was time to open presents of course!!!
Layla decided to sleep through opening presents, but she loved with Aunt Brandi got her!! ;)

After that party. we headed over to my dads house. (aka Grandpa Dane..yes, that confuses Landon. lol)
My dad got the boys HUGE remote control trucks. And those suckers are FAST.
and when they run over your feet, IT HURTS!!!!!!!But Landon LOVES it!!!
Sister Amber & I

We Finally got home around 12:30 and Santa hadn't even came yet.
So we put the kids to bed asap & got to work!
It was a good thing we remembered to set Santa's cookies & milk out
before going to the party because Landon was PASSED OUT!!!
Notice the milk ring around the cup... yea, it had been sitting there awhile. but damn, those cookies were good!!!!
Santa came!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!
First thing Landon noticed Christmas morning? His stocking filled with candy. Go figure!
Miss Layla and her life size cabbage patch doll :)
Of Course, Handy Manny!!!!

Christmas afternoon we had family over and had a great lunch, and of course more presents!!!

We all had a great Christmas, Landon thanked Santa SEVERAL times.. It was too cute!
He was so wore out at the end of the day that he fell asleep standing!!! hehe

I have lots of pictures of our Christmas at the in-laws,
but haven't had time to upload them yet..Maybe another Christmas post later!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!!!!!!!!


Cassie said...

awwww yay! santa was awesome to you guys!!

lay looks more and more like her dada! love her!

Adrien said...

Love it! You had the Christmas morning I dream of, but Eric won't let me, haha. Layla looks like a little Cabbage Patch doll herself!

Kim Luke said...

Nooooooo Cassie! Don't say that!! I want at least one of my kids to look like me!!!! lol

Adrien- We spend way too much on Christmas. I never set a budget and start shopping way too early And when its time to wrap things I realize I have bought WAY TO MUCH!!!!!
Next years goal is to set a budget! But this is the 1st year we didn't put $1 of Christmas on credit cards. SOO FREAKING EXCITED about that!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

Looks like the Luke family had a good Christmas!! I cant wait until my side of the family has babies. Christmas is always more fun when kids are involved. :)