Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rollin' in the deep

I officially have a rolling baby! Yay!!

Layla rolled over several times, even let me get a few snaps of her rolling over. but my camera was going slow, so I didn't get the play by play shots I was hoping for.
And stopped completely when I got the video camera out. Stinker!!
Here I gooooo...........
I DID IT!!!!!!!
whew. All that rolling over wore me out!!!!!!!


Adrien said...

Love it! She's getting way too big. :) Now you'll really have to watch where you lay her down, haha. I think Grace rolled off our bed a million times. (Whoops!)

Cassie said...

yay lay!

ps - all of these pictures she looks like landon's TWIN! lol.

Jackie said...

YA LAY!!!!!

I just love her hair!!! I wish Loreli would have just a 1/4 of that much! Some day!