Friday, December 9, 2011

Confession Friday!

I confess I obviously had a few too many drinks last night.
I can barely function today!
But I had so much fun so it is worth it!

I confess I pumped on my way to work today because my boobs were about to EXPLODE!
and I pumped the most I've ever pumped before!

I confess I had a 32oz soda drank in 20 minutes on my way to work today.
very dehydrated.

I confess a photographer contacted me about giving Layla's pictures to a talent agency today for a shoot next week. Fingers crossed for little Lay!

I confess I think its hilarious my bff posts horrible pictures of me on her blog...
I think she forgot I still have Cancun pictures!!! ;)

I confess I still don't have our Christmas Cards ordered.
I really don't have a good picture to put on them..
UGH! Idk what to do!

I confess I have more gifts to buy than I have money for this Christmas.
And I refuse to put anything on a credit card.
I'm in over my head and it's not a good feeling AT ALL!!! :((

I confess my computer at work is so slow. I want to throw it through the wall. #$*&#%&^@(#&!!!!!

I confess I love these two with my entire heart and soul.
I confess getting 2 kids to look at the camera at the same time is nearly impossible!

I confess the family tree picture frame I got over a month ago, still has pictures of the store bought family in them. Whoops. I promise I ordered the pictures 2 weeks ago, just haven't got them in the mail yet!

I confess I've had a follower that can't decide if they want to follow me or not.
C'mon people! I'm trying to make it to 50 for my giveaway!!!

1 1/2 hours of work left, I better get caught up!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!
I'm hoping to get a chance to take the kiddos to see Santa this weekend!
I'm sure Landon is going to freak.. so stay tuned for a epic picture!!! ;)



Heather said...

I confess that I am in over my head EVERY year at Christmas and usually use bill money for present money.

I confess that I'm super mad I didn't meet up with you guys last night...but super excited that I didn't have to deal with a hangover on top of 9 hours of work today.

Sarah said...

I keep getting a indecisive follower too. 70..71..70..71 ANNOYING

I confess that I also have a picture frame displayed with a little black boy at the moment. You are not alone lol

Adrien said...

I confess that I JUST ordered our cards last night, and I'm not happy with them. Stupid They wouldn't let me upload the picture collage I made and spent so much time on, so I slapped on my facebook profile picture and called it a night. Whatev!

And you pumped on the way to work?? Please share how this was accomplished, I'm intrigued, haha.

Katie said...

YAY Layla!

I dont have our Christmas cards either and ours are as simple as going to Target or Wal Greens and buying a couple boxes. Oops

I liked the picture on Cassie's post today. :)

Cassie said...

cancun pictures will go to your GRAVE with you missy!!

ps - yay lay baby!!

Jackie said...

I confess that we haven't even taken out Christmas pictures yet...hope to tomorrow! Do you think I have our outfits lined up...negative! It will be work out one way or another. Right?

So exciting about Lay!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I confess I had to check out Cassie's blog to see your pic.... PRICELESS!!! hahaha Girl you look tore up :))

I confess that we have not bought one Christmas present yet and we have plans to put the tree up on Sunday. OOPS!! I guess we better get busy.

I confess we NEVER have enough money for Christmas and I'm considering using bill money for Christmas money this year! Shhhh, don't tell ;-)

YAY for baby Layla!!! She is a cutie pie :)

Lara said...

That's awesome about Layla! Both you kids should be models!
I confess that I liked pumping in the car. It seemed to go faster. Now pumping while driving, I've heard of lots of people doing it. But never tried it.