Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Wrap up!

Happy December!!

I swear being pregnant most of the year made it feel like I did nothing all year, yet it FLEW by! We are making plans for NYE already, and I think that is when Ms. Layla was conceived..
Dane is sleeping on the couch this year.
just kidding honey..... kinda.

I've officially been back to work for a month, it's going pretty good. I barely make any money after paying just day care and gas to get back and forth to work. It is not worth it but I asked for it. I was bored sitting home and needed some kind of a break more than once every 6 months.
Yes, I regret it.
If you have the opportunity to stay at home, DO IT!
Your babies are only going to be little for so long, you have the rest of your life to work!

Landon had a double ear infection, Momma had strep throat and Landon and Daddy got the flu. Not a good month of The Lukes, but little Miss Layla seemed to fight it all away! I think breastfeeding had something to do with it. Definitely praying all the sicknesses are behind us for a loooooooooong time!!

Miss Layla had her 11 week check up on Monday. She weighed in at 10 pounds 10 ounces and is 22 1/4 inches long! A little underweight, but what girl doesn't want to be? ha! Jealous ;)
She has a skin condition that they are just calling eczema for now because they haven't done any further tests. Right now all I can do for her is lube her up really good with baby aveeno lotion and Vaseline. (have you ever bought aveeno lotion?? it's freaking expensive. like triple the price of Johnson and Johnson!) Figures both my kids have to have the most expensive stuff! lol
Also, I've been slowing stopping breastfeeding. She's been drinking maybe 1 or 2 formula bottles a day. And the pediatrician said if I was going to give her formula, it has to be a special kind because of her condition". And the smallest can of formula is $30!!!!!!
Yikes. Compared to the $13 cans we were planning on buying... breastfeeding is looking better and better. SO I'm trying to pump after every feeding to build my milk supply back up.
Bring on the engorged boobs! FUN!

The diet is going OK. I am 5 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with Lay but my pants STILL don't fit comfortably. Pretty sure that 5lb loss is in my tits. fml.
I'm trying my best not to eat red meat. and all I can think about is a damn cheeseburger. I keep telling myself If i have a good week I will reward myself with one.. obviously not there yet.

That pretty much sums up my life the past month.
Nothing exciting.. Just busy being a momma of 2 CrAzY kiddos! :)
and since no one likes a post with no pictures.. i'll throw this in..
Seriously, I want one. ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie said...

double ear infection? yuck!! Poor little guy.

I've never bought the baby aveeno lotion (obviously) but I have seen coupons for baby and regular aveeno lotion in the paper a couple times.

Kim Luke said...

Really?? I need to start couponing again. I was doing pretty good for a while.. but I got lazy. Definitely going to start looking for them!!!
Thanks Katie

*(Cassie aka coupon queen, HELP!!!) lol

Sarah said...

I AM getting a pig. Trav promised me once we get the yard fenced in!!!!!!! :)

Ashley Mitchell said...

Love the pig! So cute.

Kim Luke said...

omg Sarah! i have to come play with it when you get it!

Danielle0418 said...

As soon as you said Aveeno my mind went to the 3 or 4 coupons I have (Target and manufacterer, so you can stack them) that I'd be happy to send you if you'd like them :)

Kim Luke said...

definitely, I'd be happy to have any I can get!!! We go through 1 bottle of shampoo/wash every week-2 weeks and 1 bottle of the big lotion a week. together those are about $14! crazy!!
I think the smallest bottle for eczema is $8!

Danielle0418 said...

I'd be happy to send them, just send me your address and I'll get them out to you :)

Adrien said...

Feel better, Landon! :( Poor guy.

Evelyn had "eczema" too when she was little (still not sure if that's what it was) but she hasn't had a flare up in a long long time. When we took a trip out to Arizona when she was 11 months old she had it BAD the whole time we were there. Not sure if it was the dry air or the chlorine from the pool or what, but we have tons of pictures of bright red rashes all over her. After that trip though I haven't ever seen it again. So who knows!

Back to the breastfeeding? Haha...woot? ;) I just love you, Kim! :)

Jackie said...

Kim...I know what you are going through....they told me that Loreli had eczema and to use aveeno and that it will just go away after awhile....well it just kept getting worse and worse to the point she was bleeding and her eyes were swollen shut...Momma was NOT happy. Her doc wouldn't do anything so I took her to a "witch doctor" that is what Eli calls it but not really. Tannous in Waterloo....micrle worker! She had food allergies and was allergic to formaula and god knows what else...he put her on goat's milk and she was cleared up in 2 days...spotless!!! I then when and got her tested and she was allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts and we put her on soy and she is still on it and in winter its worse but alot easier to control. But her allergist said not to use vaseline becasue it actually traps in the driness and makes it worse...we use Cetaphil and so far its done pretty good for Loreli...I have learned a few tricks with was a nightmare for the first 9 months of her life!....sorry for the book!

Kim Luke said...

Holy cow Jackie!! I had no idea that she had it that bad!!! Poor baby! And how in the hell did her first doctor now know that!! Thank god for the "witch doctor"!!!
I have severe dry skin and I think that is part of what my kids have. Landon had really bad, what looked like chapped cheeks as a baby, and there is even a little scarring on his cheeks they got so bad and Layla is getting that too except hers is ALL over her body!
And her head especially. I think they consider it cradle cap? but it is sooo bad! I just hope it doesn't hurt them.
I've been putting the aveeno and vaseline on her several times a day since Monday and it seems to help on her body, but not her face :(

Thanks Adrien ;) Pray for me. haha!!!

Jackie said...

He was an idiot and I hated him...he just kept tell me it was hereditary and there was nothing to do other then lube her up. Well he was wrong and I am glad I proved him wrong and left his stupid practice!
Loreli did really good with hers but she would itch it so we had to watch her...but we got lucky that she did so well with it...I coudln'
t imagine.
Loreil's face is the worst still...I tihnk because its just out there with her sippy cup and snot and just everything!
Not sure what the doc told you but her are some other pointers that we used...only giver her a bath every other day...water drys out skin, after you giver her a bath just pat her down and lube her up while she is still alittle wet...keeps the moisture in. Use cream and not lotion..lotion has water in it and actually drys..crazy i know but we use cream and it made a diffrence. That is all I can think of now other then watch what she eats if you do decide to take her off breast may want to get her tested if it keeps getting worse...I never would have imagine Loreli had alloergies because niether Eli or I do...but sure enough!...Good luck...its hard and stressful because you don't want your baby to suffer! Sorry for the book again and the typos!