Thursday, June 30, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that because it's a new day, I promise to wake up with a better attitude than I had yesterday. promise!!!
*I confess that although I know everything happens for a reason, I hate to see the look of disappointment on the face of someone that I love more than anything!
*I confess that if pregnant women weren't so gosh darn hormonal, the average weight gain for the entire 9 months would be cut in half. depressing evening=entire box of brownies GONE!
*I confess I finally found a nursery bedding that I LOVE, and I think its too expensive! :(
again, if you have ideas..please share them! I've had a bunch of people tell me they have ideas for girls room, but no one is forkin out the ideas! c'mon people!!!!
*I confess if I sell Landon's nursery bedding that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE Dane won't look at the price as being so horrible because we have something to contribute to it....
if you know anyone having a boy... I am selling the entire set of "NOJO jungle tales"
*I confess as much as I wanted summer to be here 3 months ago.. I can't wait for fall/winter. This summer has been crazy busy and my hubby works too dang much! yay for money and for overtime.. but geesh, I'm starting to miss him a little!!
*I confess I made a batch of frosted brownies tonight, and I put Landon's #2 candle in them, and we sang to him! his eyes just light up when we sing, and he loves to blow out the candle. bahaha we're goofs!
*I confess the guy who fixes our computer says the "coupon printer" downloaded has been the cause of our viruses. which is driving me crazy
because that means I can't print out any more coupons from target,, and wherever else that you have to have it for. very upsetting!!!!!!!!
*I confess I ask for the TV for 1 hour a week to watch a show, and last
night both Dane AND Landon refused to give up the TV to let me watch my show. NOT FAIR!!! TGDVR!

*I confess we need to plan a blogger play date!! give me ideas on dates. the last date I chose, we all
*I confess last night was probably my very first DIY project. well kinda. All I had to do was spray paint something. but normally we'd just go out and buy brand new. Yay for a budget!
I'll post pictures if it turns out.. if not, well then forget I ever mentioned it!!! lol
Hope everyone has a great 4th!!
Be careful & keep an extra eye on the kids with the fireworks!!!!!!
eeeeek, scares me!!!!!!
See ya Monday! :)


Shannon Snodgrass said...

I confess that if you were here, I'd give you a great big hug and then we would go get a sno cone :)

I confess that I can't wait for September to get here so I can stay home and cuddle with our newest member of the Snodgrass family everyday!!! I LOVE TO CUDDLE :) It seems to make the world right again.

I confess that we have more projects going on at home than there are hours in the day. How we are ever going to get them all done in the next two months is beyond me. All I know is my mobility and agility is decreasing as my belly increases, lol. It was kinda hard hopping up in the truck this morning. Darn that ice cream last night, hahahaha.... but man was it good!!!!

I confess that I would give my right arm to sleep thru the night. I know, I know... everyone says those days are over but do they have to be just yet? I just want to sleep 7-8 hours without being woke up by the cat, the puppies, having to pee or my arms/hands falling asleep just ONCE! Sorry, I guess I started to vent!!

Mucho love.... and have a great 4th!!! xoxo

Cassie said...

awwwe, you do need a big hug. sorry bff.

but i am super excited for you adn your diy project! can't wait to come see it.

Kim Luke said...

Thanks girls!!
I'm defintely glad it's the weekend!!! :)

Adrien said...

I confess that I LOVE warmer weather, but I can't WAIT for Fall either. Bring on cozy sweaters and pumpkin picking!

Any days work for a play date for us, it's more the time of day that gets hairy. The girls usually nap after lunch. Mornings and evenings probably work best...except for Thursdays and Sundays. Haha. Geez, we're such a scheduled family!!

Heather Rahn said...

Can I go along on the play date? I don't have any kids to contribute but I can take pictures! :)

Adrien said...

I say YES, Heather!!!

Kim Luke said...

Duh Heather! Of course you're invited. I don't discriminate :) well, ok.. maybe a little. but you make the cut! haha
The more the merrier!