Sunday, June 19, 2011

Party Time!!

The dining room!

My favorite part about this--- while I was decorating, Landon would shout "Yay, You did it!" after every single streamer I put up! His excitement made me excited!!! :)

I have to be honest, I'm not ready for the decorations to come down, I enjoy my dining room being all about Landon! :)

the snack table:

Birthday Banner!

Special thanks to Pizza Planet for their great delivery service! Lunch was Yummy! Everyone loved the pizza!!

Smore Pops = heaven in your mouth! Can't go wrong with smores on a stick! NO MESS!!!

Cupcake Cake!

A little shy at first... I don't think he was expecting the 40 people to all be gathered around staring at him! lol

But that fear quickly went away & he clapped and blew out the candle! And of course, Jayden wasn't done singing again so we sang one more time!!!! Whatever makes them happy!

Even Landon ate a cupcake. Icing from ear to ear! Must have been good!!

The pull string buzz pinata was a hit! All the kids got goodie bags filled with Toy Story toys, and then filled them to the top with candy!

Present time!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who gave Landon money & gift cards.. This is what he picked out!!!!

After a long weekend, this is how we ended our Sunday evening! Happy Father's Day to the best daddy Landon could ever ask for!!! These two are definitely best friends! There is a son/father bond here that can never be broken!!!!! melts my heart!!!

BIG thank you to everyone who came to Landon's party this weekend! He had a GREAT 2nd Birthday!!! It means a lot to us that the people we love were there to share his special day with us!!!!! He is definitely one loved/spoiled little boy!!! :)

To see more pictures from Landon's Party, Go to my facebook page!!!!


Adrien said...

Love everything!! It turned out super cute, and pizza planet was a great idea! I am SO GLAD the weather held out for his party - it actually turned out to be a nice day after the crazy storms that morning. Ay yi yi, I would've been freaking out!

Gotta love singing happy birthday more than once. It's a small thing to ask for on such a special day. :)

Anonymous said...

It all turned out great! Nice job, Mommy! Love Landon's new wheels! Looks like he has plenty of room to drive his sister around too :)