Friday, June 3, 2011

Confession Friday

I haven't been in much of a blogging mood this week, but I was excited for Confession Friday when I woke up this morning. Sad, right?! :) Well, here it goes.

*I confess we still have NO fence. Nothing!!!! Just the parts and pieces taking up our driveway for the last 3 days.. Enough said.

*I confess that Landon's birthday present has made it to our house! (Thanks to the Walter's) and someway, somehow my amazing hubby is going to make

this box..

turn into this!!!
Yeah, don't ask me!! Because It just doesn't seem possible to me either! we'll see! Hopefully Landon likes his present from Mommy, Daddy & Layla! :)

*I confess a friend of mine, Gina, has a free giveaway on her facebook page Curly Gurly couture. check it out! all you have to do is LIKE the page, and she has the 500 Fan Giveaway on her main page. And browse through her headpieces and pick your favorite one, and comment on the giveaway which one is your favorite! (don't forget to add that I sent you!! ;)) The contest ends tonight at midnight! Don't miss out!!!!

*I confess I love our kids more and more everyday. Seriously, Stella's curls and that adorable smile would melt anyones heart! :)*I confess Landon has a problem with sharing, and I have NO idea how to fix that! He doesn't like anyone touching anything of his. I'm pretty sure he was even giving Stell the stink eye in the picture above, even though he was sitting in HER car! Anyone have any tips to help with that???

*I confess we still haven't got to see ANY of the pictures from last Thursdays photo session & I'm stressing out more and more as the days go by. Did she not get any good ones because my kid is a stink for pictures and shes worried to tell me that??? Eeeee!

*I confess we borrowed a steam carpet cleaner from the police station the last week and OH M GEE! Everyone should have one of these. Do you really know how nasty disgusting your carpet is, even if you vacuum EVERY.DAY. I don't think you do!!!! Not only do they LOOK amazing, but they FEEL amazing! Feels brand new again! Lovie! We're investing in one that's for sure!!!

*I confess I spelled vacuum wrong 3 times before I finally googled it. Yea, idk. I was way off tho.

*I confess I want to open a Sno Cone shop in Waterloo, because every town deserves one!!!

*I confess I've considered changing the theme of Landon's party back to the original theme. BUT now I'm questioning if I have the energy to return all the things I have bought and remake the things I have made. Naaaah. O well!

welp, it's back to cleaning and laundry! FUN!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*Hopefully* I'll have swingset pictures by Monday!! :)


Cassie said...

ha landon will learn. he at least knows to say sorry!!
i just think it's funny the way stella looks at him when he throws a fit because she is touching his stuff. she is just like chill dude. lol.

i confess i am working from home today and for breakfast stella has had a chocolate chip cookie and yougart melts. ha. i made her a waffle but she wants nothing to do with it. oh well.

Sarah said...

I'm an absolute faaareakizoid about my carpets. I have them professionally cleaned all.the.time!! That's why there is no dogs in my house anymore, even a drop of droll grosses me out!\

Apparently the owner of the Tropical Sno in Red Bud craved them when she was pregnant so she bought one, haha! There is a vaccant one sitting right next to my house. I think you should look into it!!!