Tuesday, June 7, 2011

well, hello there!!

Hello Blog Land!
I promise I didn't forget about everyone.. I check your blog
everyday, I just don't know what to blog about all the time.
Landon will be TWO in one week from tomorrow! I can't believe
it!! His party is next Saturday, we are out of town this entire weekend so
leaves little time to finish everything!
I've made a few changes to his party since I posted last about
the party... mainly just the menu changed. Having a 2 year old, being 6
pregnant and it being 100 degrees outside, I've resorted to what
be easier
for everyone (especially myself) hello less stress,
waiting for you!
Had a busy last couple days. Fence is up and I can't even tell
you how much we love it!!!!!! 15 hours of labor, my awesome hubby completed
Landon's swing set, he LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!! makes me soooo happy to see
eyes light up every time we go out back, like he's seeing it for the
first time,
every time! so cute!!!! We spent a couple days at the pool,
Landon got a little
more brave with the water each time we went.. to
he was walking in the
almost 3ft area all by himself playing
the water.
scared mommy at first, but
we stayed very close
Now only
if the weather
would drop about 10 degrees so
actually enjoy
being outside!
Today I got 1 of Dane's Father's Day gifts, I don't want to
post what I got on here *just in case* he reads this, but if anyone has any
ideas, send em my way! What do you buy for someone who says they
they want or need! Ayi yi yi, I could think of like
things I'd want
or need. lol
Tonight we are headed to Fairview to look at baby girl
bedding. I'm very excited because I haven't found anything that I LOVED
so maybe I just need to see somethings in person to know what
I'll check back in with everyone soon!
Please don't forget about me, things are just super crazy busy
right now!


Kim Luke said...

I have no idea why this posted the way it did, but I'm too lazy to change it! :)

Sarah said...

The entire time I was reading this post, I was wondering what in the world you were trying to accomplish by typing it in that format lol.

Cassie said...

bahah - me too sarah. i even tried to read it like you meant to type it that way. too funny.

and PTL for a blog post!!

Kim Luke said...

lol sorry, its not a poem or anything! my blog is still all jacked! it still won't let me comment while signed in! grr!!