Friday, June 24, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess I got another virus on our computer yesterday by updating windows. No idea how, but the hubby isn't too happy with me. Whoops. You'd think I sat and watched porn all day on the computer for as many viruses I get!

I confess being pregnant has been a royal pain in the ass this week. Literally!!!

I confess I wish I was going to the red bud fireman's picnic this weekend! Next year I definitely get a mommies night out one of the nights!!

I confess I am so excited and nervous for this weekend! Change is good, right?!?!?

I confess I told Landon last night he had a smart mouth and he smacked himself in the mouth! Hahaha that was an easy punishment!

Speaking of that smart mouth, why does he think it's OK to scream NOW and NO at me when he pleases. Momma don't think so!!!!!

I confess trying to get Landon to sleep upstairs in his own bed is the hardest thing I've yet to tackle as a parent. As much as I LOVE him being right next to me and safe at night, I know it's well past time... It's just soooo hard on him AND me!! :(

I confess I WILL have a coconut sno cone before the weekend is over, or else someone gets hurt!!!!! :) maybe Landon and I will go today!

I confess this weather has been absolutely amazing this week, and of course 3 out of the 5 days I spent curled up in a ball all day. Please stay nice this weekend, I'm able to get up and move around today!

I confess I'm still looking for a home for one of our dogs and cat... Pleaaaaaase, if you know of someone who is looking for one, let me know!! Ps Cassie- I know how bad you want Malibu, you can pick her up at anytime! Baha! :)

I confess I have nappy roots! Bad! Lara, if your reading this, hellllp!!!

I confess I'm attempting my first recipe from pioneer woman tonight and I am soooo excited! I have been craving it ALL week! Hope it's as good as it looks!!

That's all my confessions for now... Don't forget to leave yours!!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!


Adrien said...

Aww...I was hoping to run into you at the Fireman's Picnic!

I confess that I think you need to get a MAC so you don't get viruses anymore. :)

I confess that I do not subscribe to Pioneer Woman, nor have I ever tried one of her recipes. I have no idea why, since the rest of the world is in love with her!

I confess that I have bad roots, too, and it makes my hair look dirty even when it's not. :/

Cassie said...

Change is good - let's just hope it stays CLOSE. I don't wna even THINK about it!!

I confess that even though I am all for Landon sleeping in his big boy bed, I can't say ANYTHING because my almost 17 month old STILL has a binky..... :(

Christine said...

I confess that I follow your blog, but don't know you! I saw it on Cassie's blog and thought you seemed cool, so here I am! I love all your parenting info!!

Kim Luke said...

Yay for new followers!!!!
Like I said the other day, welcome to my life, sorry bout the mess!!!!!

Lara said... can come see me! I really enjoyed doing your hair and it was so fun chatting with you!

Melissa Cheek said...

I agree with Adrien, you need a mac! They are wonderful I will never switch back!