Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Well I survived the weekend.. so far. It's finally Sunday evening- and I am honestly surprised I made it this far!

Friday was a crazy busy day!!!!Landon and I started the day off by heading to Wal-Mart to get all the food and whatever else I needed for his party. When we got home I made lunch & started decorating the house for his party. I had several things to decorate outside, but there was a 40% chance of rain and I didn't want to risk everything getting ruined or having to take it all down half way through the party- so I planned for a indoor only party. Halfway through decorating the dining room my sisters both called me, one was in South County and one was in Downtown STL, Both stuck in horrible storms! Scared the crap out of me. Landon had just fallen asleep so I didn't know if I should wake him up to take him to the basement in case things got too bad, or just wait it out. So I turn on the TV see if the news had anything to say about our area. By then the weather was BAD BAD BAD out! Lighting & Thundering like crazy! Landon woke up scared to death & we lost power. We went straight to the basement. About 20 minutes later we decide to come back upstairs and it was doing nothing but raining, so it looks like we survived another storm. well, everything survived except for our 57" tv in our living room. I guess it was struck by lighting because it is DONEZO! Won't even turn on! Bigger Bummer!!! Friday night consisted on more cleaning and more decorating.

Saturday morning we were woken up at 6:30 to tornado sirens so I made everyone get up & back to the basement we went! Landon wasn't OK with this one at all, until we brought down the chocolate donuts, then all was OK! After our backyard was turned into a swamp, the rain finally decided to stop! Rain or Shine--we were having a party!! 12 o'clock rolls around & the house is filling up! And I realized I hadn't taken ANY pictures of the decorations before. NONE. There were already messes everywhere! ahh! O'well! Landon's party was a success! He was a little crabby the first 20 minutes. He was woken up from a half hour nap to find 40 people in his house that weren't there when he fell asleep....not too happy about that! Lol But Aunt Cassie saved the day with his new CAT toy & all was good from there!!!!! After everyone left the party we relaxed for about a hour and headed to Wal-Mart to get Landon's final birthday present. Thanks to everyone who gave him cash & gift cards, he was able to get the power wheels f150 he has been wanting! I for sure thought he would have wanted the tractor... but it was a John Deere! I'm sure if it was a CAT he would have chosen that! ;)

Saturday Night daddy went into work a little OT, and Landon and I ate pizza in bed (shhh, its our secret) and he was sleeping before 9! Momma wasn't too far behind him!!!!

Sunday morning Landon & I woke Daddy up with hugs, kisses & of course his Father's Day present! I think Daddy was more excited about the hand print Landon made for Daddy inside the card than he was anything! So sweet :) Then we headed to Country Kitchen for breakfast. Our server was the best! She took Landon for a walk around the restaurant & tried showing him the kitchen while mommy & daddy got to finish their breakfast! (thanks again, Cassie! lol)

We headed home & put Landon's truck together and we all 3 took a nap. I think the weekend wore all of us out so much because it was longer than usual! Once Landon was up there was no stopping him.. He knew the truck was put together and in the garage, he was ready to go!!! Daddy's request was to relax tonight so we stayed in and grilled & watched Cars.

I'm absolutely whooped & don't know how I'm going to throw more than 1 party next year within 3 months apart! Whew, it's a workout in itself to plan, prepare, host, clean up....ayi, yi yi! But it was soooo worth it!!! :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! I'll be posting a few pictures from Landon's party soon!!!!

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Cassie said...

yay!! he did have the cutest party ever!! love him.

and ptl for kids going to sleep by 9!! happy everyone. lol.