Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

It has been a long weekend!
I had to sit here and think of what we did Friday.
and now I'm asking myself how could I forget!
Friday night we hung out with the Walter's at their house in Red Bud.
DiCarlo's, Sno Cones, Brownies, Stella.. a couple of my favorite things!!! It was a great night!
The kids had car races in the drive way! they were loving it!!
Then duty called, baby needed to be fed so they had to take a break from the races... So cute! :)

Saturday we got up early and had breakfast at Burger King & Landon played in the play area for about a half hour then we ventured out for more pointless hours of searching for baby bedding. found NOTHING, again! sigh. I'm beginning to get stressed out about the nursery being NO WHERE close to being done. Yes, I have 12 weeks til our due date.. but that's if she decides to come on time! Once we got home we decided to go relax in the pool. It was SO incredibly hot outside and the pool felt amazing!!!!! then later that night daddy went into work so it was mommy & Landon movie night! We made Landon's favorite, hot dogs and mac & cheese and snuggled up watching Cars.

Sunday we decided to take Landon fishing for the first time.

He knew our goal was to get a fish, and he knows they live in the water.. but I don't think he realized we were going to actually catch the fish and bring it to land.
His face was priceless when we reeled the line in and this little guy was on the end!
thanks to the storms Sunday night- our plans were cancelled so we decided to have a relaxing family night at home.
Monday was 4th of July.
yep, I borrowed one of Layla's bows for the picture. lol
We spent the afternoon at my sisters and headed home around 4 for a much needed nap.
Once we all woke up from our nap we played in the backyard and Landon even let Daddy set off a couple fireworks, but I kid you not.. the second it started to get dark outside, Landon said NO MORE and wanted inside! We weren't allowed to go outside or even look out the window at the fireworks! And let me tell you, people in our subdivision set off some AWESOME fireworks. So we watched the fireworks on TV. Landon seemed to like those, he said they were "pretty" Shortly after Landon was sleeping & mommy and daddy got to watch a movie!
It was a great weekend!!!!!! Dane was off most of it, so we got to enjoy family time together!!!


Anonymous said...

So what did you think about the Red Bud Sno Cone?
Ty hated the fireworks also! He was trembling the entire time and then when they popped just jumped and screamed. It made it interesting!

Kim Luke said...

Red Bud sno cone was good! more expensive, but the ice was like softer? if that makes sense. lol
our boys will probably love the fireworks next year, and it will be the babies that will hate them!! lol

Cassie said...

i just love our cute cute babies.