Sunday, July 31, 2011

BB! (BoRiNg BloGgEr)

Well here I sit a week from my last post, still wondering what to write about today. I have totally neglected my blog the past few weeks and I am not proud of it.
But don't worry-- I still religiously stalk yours!! lol

So to catch you up a little bit-- here are my recently confessions, obsessions, rants, and raves.
And basically anything else I can think of while sitting at work!
here goes nothing.

Work has been going good. I am finally done with the training and on my own. I work Wednesday & Thursday evenings from 3pm-9pm and Friday days from 7am-2pm. and a occasional Sunday evening here and there when needed! I really like the job-- something about being out at the airport, I just feel right at home!
I hear a lot of moms say they don't understand how SAHM's do it. Well I couldn't disagree with you more. Yes, being at home with a child 24/7 is challenging and A LOT OF WORK but the stress and everything that a job, outside of your job at home-- holy cow. it's overwhelming! and I'm only part time!!!!!!!!
So here's a shout out to all you working mommies.. You must drink a lot of coffee! lol

This week starts week 32 of this pregnancy! HELLLLLOOOO Month 8!! and Do I feel the pains of an 8 month pregnant woman in 105 degree weather. My entire body aches! I waddle, and the best part about waddling you ask? When someone points it out to you that your waddling! Gee, thanks. I didn't notice!! lol
As you may have read on my facebook, I returned Layla's bedding-again. However, a new bedding has been purchased and it has officially made it outside of the package and on her crib. (don't worry, it's getting washed--I put it all on the bed just to take a picture. yeah, a lot of work for a silly picture!!!!!!)
It's so cute! I love love love it! I am so happy I listened to my mom! (you won't hear my say that very often)
we have a lot of work to do in the next 60 OR LESS days, so pictures should be posted shortly! My mom keeps teasing me that Layla is going to be a boy with all the trouble I've gone through with her bedding. Let me just tell you--if it happens, please come to my house and take the bedding down. I think I'd have a breakdown if I seen it when we got home from the hospital! lol

I've come to realize that no matter how much you do for some people, or how hard to try to keep them happy.. it's just impossible. At time I feel like I walk on egg shells around some people just to keep them happy and keep the peace. I wish some people could just be happy for me and not make every situation that occurs about them!
whew. had to get that off my chest.

have you seen the coupon ad in the paper for steak n' shake lately?? OMG. If i would let myself I would eat there for every meal. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, burgers and cheese fries for lunch, and chili 5 way with a shake for dinner. ugh. starving!!!! This working til 9pm thing is going to be hard. My dinner tonight was a bagel. Yum!

I confess that I feel more insecure with myself right now than I ever have in my life. Even when I was 30lbs heavier when I was pregnant with Landon. I'm worried I will never be OK with what my sweet innocent little babies have done to my body!

I confess that my house has taken a beating lately. Landon's messes are getting bigger, I have no energy to clean, our decorations from waist down have been put up or broken so our house is incredibly bare, with nearly all white walls on the lower level. I need a interior decorator who is also a maid... Any volunteers? don't all jump at once. Apply within...

Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my husband. He worked all day Friday- all night Friday, Saturday night around 8pm he got called into work for the homicide and he has been at work ever since. It's Sunday evening. Waaahh! Being a wife of a police officer is hard work!

See what you get when I have a free moment at work and I have 10,000 things on my mind.
A bunch of mumbo jumbo! don't judge. just hang on for the ride! ha!


Cassie said...

yay for a post!!

and as snowden says, gail has never been wrong. I'm ALL Team Layla!! lol.

Heather said...

For someone with a boring life you sure had a lot to blog about! Hang in there girl!

Adrien said...

I agree, I think being a stay at home mom is wonderful. It's not always easy, but there are so many perks that I would HATE to give up. Namely making my own schedule and getting dressed whenever the heck I feel like it, haha. I tip my hat to moms who can work, raise a family, and still have a life! I couldn't do it!