Friday, July 8, 2011

Confession Friday

Before I start today I have to say one little thing...
Happy 3rd Birthday to my nephew, Jayden!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Now on to my confessions.....
*I confess Landon is downstairs watching A Goofy Movie. Ever seen it?? I LOVED this movie when I was little!!!!
*I confess the baby bedding we have decided on has been in the online shopping cart for 2 days. I can't seem to hit the buy button because it isn't the one I LOVE, just like... But the one I love is over triple the amount. Waahh! Maybe I'll love the one I like once I get it...?
*I confess I've done a few cuts and colors the past couple days and I really miss doing hair.
*I confess Landon slept upstairs in his bed 2 times this week. the 1st night he did great, he slept til 4 then came to bed with us. and the 2nd night was a lot harder on mom. I cried. lol and he was in bed with us around 1am. It's a start!
*I confess that no matter what you tell people, they are always going to have something negative to say back. I just wish some people could be happy for you for once, Instead of naming off a list of negatives when I tell them something that I want. I'm a big girl, if it's a mistake--let me learn from it!
*I confess everyday I ask Landon if wants a sister, and if he is excited to meet his sister, and everyday I get the same response. "No, I'm fine." bahaha I still don't think he gets it yet!
*I confess that Sarah has came up with the idea of a blogger's bunco and I couldn't be more excited to get together with all the girls!!!!! I'm a bunco virgin, but any excuse to get away for a few hours sounds like a blast to me!!! :)
*I confess I went to wal-mart yesterday to get my nephews birthday present and Landon wanted to play with the toy while I was checking out and I told him that it was Jayden's birthday present that we had to pay for it now. and the cashier had the nerve to say to me "you know, its a lot easier to shop for other kids when you don't bring your kids along with you" NO SHIT LADY, would you like to baby sit for me while I go shopping?? Yes, I said that to her! I just looked at her like she was retarded. and he continued to check me out. dumbass!
*I confess if you were wondering where I will be all weekend, go to the Millstadt Fireman's picnic and look by the car rides... I guarantee that's where I will be. Anyone want to join???
*I confess my BFF is almost done in her pregnancy (33 weeks) and Kendra finds out what she is having in 18 days!!!! Is it just me, or is everyone else's pregnancy going by fast, and mine is standing still?!?!? seems that way to me at least!
*I confess I'm done blogging for the day. go away rain clouds--me & Landon are getting OUT today!!!!
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!
82 days to go!!!!!!


Adrien said...

Haha, Landon's response is priceless. I would ask him 20 times a day just to hear him say that. :)

I confess that now I want to go to the Millstadt picnic just so Evie and Landon can ride the cars together!

Katie said...

Wow the wal-mart lady's comment. Who the hell is she to say anything?! I would have to pissed too.

Oh and I use to LOVE the Goofy Movie!

Sarah said...

I confess that I wish I had your courage. Some people need to be told what's up, especially bitchy Walmart workers. Go Kim!!

Erin said...

Hahahaha no I'm fine. Too funny. Uh.. I want to play bunco.. I'm a virgin too.

Cassie said...

yay for virgin bunco!! lol. i'm so excited.

i confess that hearing landon say my name last night at your house just melted my heart. i love you landon, so so much!! even if you do say josh and stella WAY more than you say Cassie. lol. but you said it with just so much excitment, i loved it!!

Lara said...

I am going to Millstadt tonight! Our friends ask Josh to work in the poker stand. I'll be walking around with Ty so we will look for you!