Friday, July 15, 2011

Confession Friday

I confess it is Thursday night and I am starting my confessions. It's been a hectic last 24 hours and I don't want to miss my weekly confession.

I confess Tuesday afternoon after my car broke down, I guess I just had too much time on my hands because I started browsing for jobs.
Well I got a call back within 30 minutes of posting my resume to someone and I got an interview Wednesday morning and my first day was today!
I'm still in shock. I'm very lucky they were willing to hire someone who is 7 months pregnant. God is good and mom is broke. So it worked out! It's definitely what our family needs right now! It's part time and will hopefully work around my families needs! fingers crossed this works out!

I confess I cried like a baby dropping Landon off at daycare. He hasn't gone since December. He's been attached at my hip ever since then. It was hard on both of us for me to leave, definitely more on me! But I know he is with someone that loves him just as much as her own.. Nana Bear truly is a gift from God!!

I confess as hard as it was to drop Landon off, He was soooo excited when I picked him up! and we laid on the floor at home and talked about his day for probably 15 minutes. Not a lot made sense, but he told me he played with a dog, seen a cat and threw rocks at the cat? LOL I told him throwing rocks at kitties wasn't nice, and he said Oh, not nice. so innocent! :)

I confess for dinner Landon is eating a hot dog and corn because I'm too lazy to actually cook anything tonight! Sorry baby, I'm glad you aren't too picky!

I confess I was getting kind of sick of my car recently, and after getting the rental car I did, and then getting my car back.. I realize how much I love it! ha! so long hamster car! (ps. PTL for extended warranties!!!)

I confess I am stoked about playing bunko on my birthday!!! Still have no idea how to play, but hopefully I'll catch on easily! Maybe I should look up how to play so Sarah isn't trying to explain it to 11 other girls at once!

I confess as soon as my fat face is gone, I'm going to make a drastic change with my hair. Get ready!
I confess I have had more problems with ordering Layla's bedding that I could have ever imagined. I mean seriously. We finally decide on a bedding, and its sold out everywhere. then I find it on 1 website, and I order it ASAP. Well a week goes by and they never took my payment, never processed the other or anything. so I cancelled. Found it on eBay, brand new for just a few dollars more than I was going to pay for it at the last place. Buy it NOW! Payment sent, and received. I get a email saying it wouldn't ship til end of August!!!!!!!!!! WHAT! Do you people not understand my baby is due in SEPTEMBER!!! So i email them asking what the delay was and if it was out of stock, I would look into other bedding's that was available & ready to ship, like yesterday. What do they do??? Send me an email saying my request to cancel my order is being processed. WHAT!!! When did I say I wanted to cancel my order???? I asked a question, PLEASE ANSWER IT! Ahhhh!!! The more problems I get, the uglier this baby bedding is looking!!! lol
Well I get a response back this morn(friday) and it says my order has been cancelled, sorry the mistake was on their part--but since they already cancelled the order and the bedding is out of stock until 7/30 they can't reorder that bedding for me.
Ahhhhhhh... So here I am, back to square 1. No bedding for our daughter! Waahh!!
I'm off to my 2nd day of work. Wish me luck! :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Cassie said...

honey i think god is telling you that that bedding is NOT for you. just get something cute and simple.

and yay for the new job. it's hard but the few hours you will get to yourself everyday are necessary!! yay!!

Heather said...

Wow girl...stressed much? Congrats on the new job!! I'm sure it will be nice to be out of the house for a while!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

YAY for you finding a part timer!! Times are tough these days and even those are hard to come by. I hope you enjoy it :)

I agree w/Cassie, that bedding is not meant for Layla!!! The forces of nature are at work here and you know nature... she always wins, lol.

One confession this week... I confess that it is a constant struggle between my brain and my body these days. My brain says go, go, go and my body says I DON'T THINK SO!!! It has been the most difficult thing for me. I'm such a go-getter and I like to "do". Why won't my body just agree for once???

65 days to go!!! I've been daydreaming of her often and I can't wait until she is here!!! xoxoxo

Sarah said...

Congrats on the job!!! You need time away, makes you a better mommy.

I agree with Cassie, cute & simple. Stop stressing so much love. It's bedding lol.

I confess that I don't even put Luke into consideration when it comes to making dinner. The kids STILL doesn't eat. I don't know how he stays alive!!! Pop tarts I guess?!

Adrien said...

A new job?? Congratulations!

I confess that I'm totally frustrated FOR you with this bedding stuff. It's not the fact that bedding is so important, it's just that something so simple shouldn't be so hard!

Jackie said...

Congrats on the new job! That's awesome and it will be nice to have alittle time away!

I confess that when Loreli was born I didn't search for bedding at all becasue Eli found one that he loved and I just couldn't tell him no. So I have a feeling if we do decide to have another one that it might be alittle harder!

Katie said...

YAY!! Congrats on the new job! That worked out quick.

I love your car. Ok well I have never seen YOUR car, but I love the Edge. Everytime one passes me I think ughhh I could have had that!!