Friday, July 22, 2011

Confession Friday!!

*I confess Layla's room is PINK!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so so so excited! We Dane finally got the first coat on last night!! We chose a lighter.. it's pretty but with nothing done to the room---it looks like pepto bismol all over the walls. lol
pink is really a scary color when your use to blues and greens!!!!
*I confess I am ecstatic to be off work today!! Pool day??? I think so!
*I confess we got a phone call from my father in law last night telling us that Dane's grandma isn't doing good. Please add her to your prayer list. <3
*I confess I am not ready to be waking up every 2 hours in the middle of the night.. I have about 68 days left of good sleep.... waaahh!!!
*I confess that Landon dropped something yesterday and said "shit". Ugh, I'm so mad at myself!!!!!!!!!!! :(( I didn't say anything to him-So I'm hoping that if I quit saying it, he will forget.
*I confess we are on the hunt for one MAYBE two new vehicles!! exciting and frustrating!!!
*I confess we have boat fever. Even with a 2 year old, and 1 on the way.. we want one BAD!!!!!! Who said our babies can't be water babies?!?! :)
*I confess that all this talk about NKOTBSB.. really makes me miss *Nsync!! I was never a Backstreet Boy fan, my sister was the NKOTB fan.. I miss me some good ole JT!!! When will the *Nsync reunion be??????
*I confess that the last month or so I have been a extremely lazy cook! I haven't made anything new or creative.. Sorry hubby, I promise this is just a phase that I will get over!
*I confess I get really aggravated with people when you tell them their kids are cute and their response is "I know". Yes, I know everyone thinks their kid is the cutest kid on earth, but I feel like you're being rude by not saying thank you! If I knew that girl a little better, I probably would have told her she was rude. lol
What do you have to confess about this week???
Hope everyone has a great weekend.. hopefully we will have some nursery pictures to post SOON!!!!


Erin said...

I was hangin with my fellas, saw you wit your new boyfriend and made me jealous. I was hopin that Id never see you with him.. But its all good cause I'm glad that I met him. Cause now I know the competitions very slim, to none. And I can tell by lookin that he's not the one.

Cassie said...

ohhhh - i love nsync!! come back guys, PLEASE!!

i hated BSB. nsync was my first concert i ever went to. bahaha ridic!!

i confess that i just MIGHT have ate my weight in animal crackers yesterday. whoops!!

i confess that i MIGHT be buying a coach purse tomorrow. it's $250. YIKES! ummmm - Mommy has a coupon?!?!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

I confess that even tho I'm ?? years old, I LOVED NSYNC and I'm still a HUGE JT fan :))

I confess that I am really excited to see that you are starting on Layla's room....woooo hoooo!!!!

I confess that the closer it gets to Victoria coming into this world, the more nervous I am becoming... SCARED TO DEATH to be exact!!! Going to class and being subjected to watching 3, yes 3 natural birth stories, I'm surprised I have fingernails left. And then to throw in a C-section for good measure... uh yea, NOT SO MUCH!!! I know it is one of the greatest things a woman can do but GOOOOODNESS... that is not what I needed to watch right now!!! lol :)

Hope your weekend is the best and I can't wait to see pics of Layla's room as it transforms :))

Adrien said...

I'm joining the N'Sync ranks. I could never stand BSB...and I'm pretty sure if N'Sync had a reunion tour there would be carloads of bloggers caravanning to the concert, haha.

I confess that both of the girls' grandparents have boats, and they have never been on one. I'm scared!

I confess that I'm also ignoring anything bad I hear my kid say from here on out. Evie THRIVES on attention, and if she gets it she will say it over and over again! I'm currently turning the other cheek when she calls me a "bad guy." :D

Heather said...

I confess that 3 days this week I had donuts for breakfast.

I confess that Penny peed on the floor last night in my basement, I had my arms full of clean dry clothes so I couldn't stop to clean it up, and I forgot about it until Right Now.

Katie said...

I was definitely an Nsync fan over BSB. I would go to their reunion concert if they ever come back!!

I've been a last cook lately too. I made a good meal last weekend and ever since it's been borning stuff or fend for yourself. OOPS!!

Katie said...

lazy oook*