Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(better late than never) Weekend Wrap Up!

Never thought I would be so happy to see a Tuesday!

Thursday was my first day at the new job and I've worked worked worked ever since! For those of you that have known me awhile know I use to work at the St Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia/Sauget before I had Landon. After having him I decided staying home with him was the best thing for both of us! I loved my job there, but they weren't willing to work with me on my hours so I quit. Here we are 2 years later and I got a job back at the airport, but at another location. Trust me, I wish my old job was hiring!! I did love it there and I loved my lovely side kick Dee Dee!!
Anyways, this job is suppose to be part time, and I still haven't been told my hours. I'm just coming in random hours right now for training.. but I did some figuring in my head on the hours they need covered and what work with my schedule--and they don't mix 100%. and that puts me at 5 days a week and 34 hours. Waaaait.... I thought this was PART TIME??? We'll see...

Friday after work Dane and I decided to attempt to take Landon to his first movie at the theater. He loves Cars so I thought he would do great.. WRONG. He watched the previews, which ran 25 minutes after what was suppose to be the start time and sat for maybe 2 minutes. He was horrible once the movie started. He yelled MATTTEERRRRR at the TV every time they showed Mater.. It was very distracting for the other kids in the theater, so we left. I might attempt that again in a few years!

Saturday we did a little shopping & got Landon a new big boy bed! He only had his toddler bed for a couple months but he is just a squirmy little guy! He rolls soo much in his sleep and was rolling off the bed every time he slept on it. So we upgraded to a twin! We'll see how it goes. He hasn't slept in it yet because I've forgotten to get the bed rail from Target not once, but twice! Gr!!
Saturday evening the Walter's came over to hang out! Landon is getting a little better with sharing his toys, but geezz. I can't wait for the day that I don't have to stop him and tell him that Stella is allowed to play too! Ayi Yi Yi!

Sunday morning Dane and Landon headed to the pool & I headed to work.. Should be a sin to work on Sundays!! After work I headed to target for the 2nd attempt to get Landon a bed rail. Remembered it about half way home! O well, another excuse to go back!

Landon is doing good at Nana Bear's. It's the drop off that absolutely kills me. Day 1 was OK. We both cried. Day 2 was a little better, I didn't cry--Landon did for a minute. Day 3 was by far the worst. I told him he was going to Nana's on the way there.. bad idea. He cried the entire 20 minute drive, and so did mom. I was a mess!! I really hope this gets easier!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I'm headed to the baby doctor today... not to excited to get on the scale.. I just know it's going to be BAD NEWS!!!!
Bump update tomorrow!


Adrien said...

I ALWAYS forget what I went into the store to buy, haha. There is nothing more frustrating! I really hope drop off get easier for you and Landon SOON. I'm sure it will, and I'm sure he ends up having a great day after those first few minutes. :)

Meagan said...

I do the same exact thing when I go to the store, most of the time I forget my entire list though!!

If the job doesn't work out for you for some reason I know someone who would be interested! ;)

Kim Luke said...

Meagan they are actually looking for a second person. but it is friday and saturday nights from 3-9pm. and possibly another day.
idk if that interestes you, but if so.. let me know & i'll put in a good word for you! :)

Meagan said...

I don't know if I could give up both Friday & Saturday nights all the time....

Kim Luke said...

Yep, I totally agree!!