Wednesday, July 6, 2011


So many of you know and have heard me say before that the only time I eat ice cream is while I'm pregnant. True story.
Maybe, just maybe I will have it once a year when I'm not pregnant. I don't know why, I just don't ever have a craving for it.
And I guess I have taught my child that too because Landon won't go anywhere near it either!
Anyways, last night I went to dinner with the girls at Chili's in Fairview & afterwards they were all talking about the new Orange Leaf place in O'Fallon. I said of course I'll go, not knowing what to expect but I love ice cream lately. I have never been to Cold Stone, and my BFF always talks about going.. but there is no way Cold Stone compares to this place..
I have to go again, like today! haha
We walk in and this is what you see..

and this is how it works:

Step 1: Pick a flavor & fill 'er up!
Try all of them!
Green Tea
Mango Pomegranate
Mint Chocolate
Coffee Lover
Green Apple
Passion Fruit
Dole Pineapple
Peanut Butter
Cheese Cake
Cookies & Cream
White Chocolate
Banana, Coconut
Cake Batter
Red Velvet
Chocolate Raspberry
Yes, these are flavors of ice cream.
I tried the chocolate, coconut and wedding cake batter. Delish!

Step 2: Start Piling!
We've got oodles of toppings:
Kiwi, Pear, Mochi, Pecan, Peach, Honey, Mango, Banana, Granola, Coconut, Nuts, Pineapple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Honey Dew, Jelly Bellies, Cranberries, Watermelon, Oreos, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles, Brownie, Gummy Bears, Dark Chocolate, Captain Crunch, Sunflower Seed, Dried Fruits, Graham Cracker, M&M's, Sprinkles, Marshmallows, Butterfinger, Reeses Cups.
sounds amazing, right?!?!
Step 3: Weigh & Pay
Enjoy, savor, devour, inhale, etc!
After you've made your one-of-a-kind dessert, simply put it on the scale and pay by the ounce.
Take my word for it...
this isn't something you want to miss out on!!!!!!!!!


Heather Rahn said...

Ummm...yum!!! And I'm not a big ice cream person either!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Is this frozen yogurt?? If so, it is just like FroYo in St. Louis and I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! You can make a healthy treat with all the fruit... nahhh, make it oh so good and enjoy!!! I would say this gets two thumbs up :-)

Jackie said...

My mouth is watering...I love ice cream!

Katie said...

I agree with Shannon. When I saw the picture I automatically thought of FroYo. A-MAZING!!! I love FroYo and it use to be like 5 min from my work.
I wasnt a big ice cream lover either, but Cassie was blogging about her and Stella sharing it after dinner now its like dinner is over GIVE ME ICE CREAM!!! :)