Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up!

Friday night we had a nice relaxing night at home. Dane finished painting Layla's room and we ordered Applebee's togo.
btw, the girl who works car side Togo thinks her job is the most difficult job in the world. I wanted to tell her I did it for almost 4 years, to chill. but I didn't. I let her take her time, charge me for things I didn't order or receive, then let her fix it all. lol
Anyways, Here is a sneak peek at Landon & Layla's room as you're walking upstairs. I promise, that is still the tape on the wall and not a blue border around her room. :)
We matched the paint with the bedding the night it came in the mail.... and guess what. I'm returning it.
Yep, don't judge me. lol
Friday night was our first attempt of Landon sleeping in his big boy bed. (well, 2nd big boy bed) I still didn't have a bed rail so I used the mattress from Layla's crib and sat it next to his bed and pushed his toy story table up against it. It worked wonders! Although he didn't sleep the entire night, 9pm-2am was a good enough start for us!

Saturday morning Dane had to work so Landon & I decided to do a little shopping with my mom. Landon just adores Grandma Debbie! It's so cute!! We had lunch at Olive Garden, YUM! and then headed to Babies R Us. I blame my mom for my change of heart on the baby bedding....and I'm not 100% sure if the bedding is going to match the paint that is on the walls.... soooo, I might have one upset hubby this weekend.... lol thank god he is patient with me. :) ALSO,
I'm very proud of my couponing lately. I got a big box of Pampers sensitive wipes for only $6. Original price was $13. go me! and finally got a bed rail to go on Landon's bed!! Which must have been exactly what he needed. He went to bed somewhat willingly Saturday night. He whined a bit but I told him he had to sleep next to his fishy and he was OK with that & was out within 5 minutes and slept from 8pm-6am! Sucked getting up that early, but I was so excited for him that I didn't care what time it was!!!

Sunday I had to work & Dane and Landon went to the pool & had a guys day.
Sunday afternoon we heard that news that Dane's grandma had passed away. It has been a rough 24 hours for the Luke family. We are headed home to be with his family this evening. Dane and his grandma Marge were very close when Dane was growing up, so I know the next couple days are going to be extremely hard. Even with all the hormones, I know I have to keep it together for him!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, please keep the Luke family in your thoughts the next couple days!! <3

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Adrien said...

Oh my goodness, the bedding saga continues! :) I wanted to let you know that I'm praying for you guys as you make it through this week. I just saw your facebook update in the car, haha. The circumstances stink, but I hope you all get a few good days together as a family.