Tuesday, July 12, 2011

my 1st experience with coupons

So I've watched all the coupon shows, added the groups to facebook, printed out coupons and have many used 5 at the most. probably with a total savings of $4, if I'm lucky.
sad, right?
Well something lit a fire under my butt this week because I've been looking up deals on things we need at home like crazy. I've found a few, others I'll keep looking for!
But I decided to go out on my first trip as a coupon'er! With only 2 stops to make, Target & Home Depot!
Landon and I got up this morning and he must have known momma was on a mission. He was more than willing to help get himself dressed and his shoes on. (usually I get one shoe on and spend 7 minutes chasing him around the house to get the other shoe on)
After a very interesting, stressful trip- (i'll explain later why it was stressful)
here is what we came home with:
I haven't added up what my total was before coupons,
but I can tell you I got all of this for about $27.
For you master coupon'ers that might not seem like a good deal to you..
but in my eyes (AND Danes) I rock today!! haha
And I bet you're sitting at the computer waiting to hear why this "fun" experience, turned into a extremely stressful one....
Leaving HD, I strap Landon in his car seat and start to head for Target.. I pull out of my parking spot and put my car in drive and it shifts hard.. like jerks the entire car. WTF was that. NO clue. push on the gas and my car is barely moving. I had to FLOOR my car to get it to go 2mph. OK, freaking out a little. Do I stop? No, I keep going- there are cars everywhere and I was scared.
So I turn right onto Lindbergh thinking it was my AC blaring that was causing it to stall. So I pull up to the red light at Lindbergh & Lemay and shut off my car while I'm sitting at the red light. BIG MISTAKE. Car isn't starting. Seriously?? Why me! I wanted to cry, yell, punch my car. but I was too worried about my baby in the back and him overheating. So I sit there for a minute or two while the light is still red and try again. After a couple trys, it starts. WHEW! Light turns green and I go to give it gas and again, doesn't want to move. I am basically forcing my car to drive. I make it to the next light and turn into the mall. Shut it off and sit as long as I could before sweat was literally on every inch of my body. yum right?
Start it again with the AC on this time and it starts up fine, shifts fine, and drives perfect. Except my check engine light is on. So I call my mom (who works at the dealership where we bought the car from) and she tells me to bring it in when I get back to Waterloo. You would think I would go right then, nope! told you I was on a mission. I wasn't going home with all these coupons! so I went to target and then to Sunset. LOL
So here I sit with no car because they were too busy to get to it today.
pity party of 1, your table is ready!
But we made it safely, didn't have to push the car AND I scored some pretty sweet deals. So I can't complain too much right now....... when we find out whats wrong with the car, that will probably be a different story!!


Lara said...

Of course this happens when it's 100+ degrees! Hope they get it fixed soon!

Heather Rahn said...

My car has done that before...and it took me about a mile of driving 15 mph to realize I had my emergency brake on. Which I never use.

Kim Luke said...

Hahaha! I wish that was the case for my car! Day 2 in the shop and still haven't heard a word on it!! boo!