Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Monday!
Lets link up!
Friday night me and the kids headed out to the park for some swinging
 and sand eating playing.

Layla doesn't yet understand why mommy won't let her eat sand. She screamed at my every time I told her no and took it out of her mouth hand.
Then we headed to McDonald's for cheeseburgers and sweet tea- Landon's choice, of course.
Where Layla gave dirty looks to everyone. bahahaha.
I'm a proud mommy! :)

Saturday we got up early, of course, and headed to the pool before it got too hot.
And the kids got to hang out with daddy for a few hours before he headed into work for the night!
Our night consisted of Caillou, frozen pizza,
side walk chalk and baths!
Oh, and shooting any bad guys who came upstairs. naked. Oh Landon!
*side note: Funniest thing happened during bath time.
My kids still take baths together. Ya, they are babies, don't judge.
But Layla has started standing in tub. and she thinks it's the COOLEST thing ever! Will not sit down, the entire time.
Well she was standing and holding onto the side, Landon was sitting. She started to fall backwards, got a grip on the side of the tub and pulled herself back up. But pulled herself so hard, she went right over the side of the tub. It literally looked like the side of the tub was a slip n slide. Luckily I had the towels sitting on the floor, right where she went face first. HILARIOUS. the 3 of us laughed for 20 minutes. Me & Landon more than her, but still. She was fine, didn't even cry.. which made it OK for mommy & Landon to CRACK UP at her!!!!!!!!!

Sunday we were up as the sun was rising so we snuggled up to morning cartoons
*isn't his little wife beater so cute! heheeh *
and made a early trip to Target. Apparently too early for Lay, she slept on the way there and home.

After unloading our target goodies, we headed to the pool for the afternoon!

My sisters & their families joined us! :)
*and I had to crop out my gut. ugh, seriously I need to do something.*

And I had the pleasure of showing my rear-end to the entire pool.
Yep, Landon walked up behind me and pulled my swim suit bottoms to my knees.
Pretty sure I won't be going back for awhile.
He's lucky I love him!!!!!!!!

We hung out with daddy for a while before he went back to work for the night again.
Then finished our night with some air guitar
and more snuggles!

Perfect Perfect weekend!!

Tonight I think we are going to take Landon to the tractor pull at the Monroe County Fair! He will LOVE IT, not so sure about sis. We will see!
Have a great Monday!!!!!


Cassie said...

awwww yay!
i love his little wife beater too. too funny.

Adrien said...

Gracie is a bathtub stander, too. :) And oh my gosh - LANDON! I would have been scooting out of there asap!

Shannon Snodgrass said...

Victoria is a bathtub stander too and boy does she get po'd when I make her sit down. So mad, she tried biting the water and yea, that didn't work so well for her. I laughed until my belly hurt... too funny!

Oh Landon, you are such a prankster! I would of died!!!

Cute pics of big brother and his sister. Love the nakie pic at the top of the stairs. Never a dull moment, I bet :))

Kimberlee said...

Aww that last photo is adorable :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Aw what great pictures! They are cuties for sure! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend and linked up with us :)