Thursday, July 19, 2012

Does 'ItWorks' really work?

 As most of you know, I became a distributor for the company ItWorks Global!

Our most popular item is the body applicator wrap.

how do they work you ask?
Here is the science behind our wraps! You’re wondering if they work, the answer is YES and you’re also wondering how…so here is a picture to show you the difference between, normal fat cells and fat cells bloated and swollen with toxins.

The botanical blend in our wraps penetrate the skin and into the deeper skin layers, getting straight to the fat cells…where it forces toxins out of them! Those toxins are then picked up by the blood stream and filtered through the kidneys and essentially are eliminated through your urine. A little fact about fat cells: When you are born, you are born with all the fat cells your body will ever have.
 However, fat can expand 1000x its original size. Fat holds toxins and CAN be shrunk, you don’t essentially “lose” fat without exercise, proper diet or surgery – but you can certainly shrink it and our skinny wraps will do just that!

Want to try the wraps?
If you host a party with me and you have 5 girlfriends (and guys, too!!) over that try a wrap for only $25, you can wrap for free!

Don't have time to host a party or attend one?
Visit my website and all of the items will be shipped directly to your front door!
or you can email, call or text me with any questions you might have!

see MY personal results HERE!!
Get Skinny!


sblind2 said...

How often can you wrap yourself? I have like 6 wraps at home, but I always forget to use them, but I want to wrap myself as much as possible before my pool party next weekend! =)

Kim Luke said...

You can wrap every 72 hours!!

sblind2 said...

And I can wrap my thighs and waist at the same and do THAT every 3 days?

Kim Luke said...

Yes! cut 1 wrap in half and put those on your thighs, and another wrap on your stomach.
Double the amount of water you would normally drink.
If you want help wrapping, let me know I can help! Only takes a couple minutes!

sblind2 said...

I make Matt help me - LOL

Kim Luke said...

That's awesome! Everytime I get the seran wrap out Landon asks "are we gonna wrap mommy?" lol poor kid! ;)

Adrien said...

One of these days! Thanks for explaining how it works. :)

Sara Phegley said...

you always wrap the saran wrap over them right? I have some and I feel like I never do it right. How long do you leave yours on?

Kim Luke said...

You don't have to, the Saran wrap just holds the wrap in place. As long it's fat on your stomach, no air bubbles, It should work. I always use Saran wrap because I can't sit still for 45 minutes straight lol. Make sure where you put the wrap is clean, no lotions!