Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

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It's OK to be excited to turn 25!!!! Seems like everyone dreads turning 25, and basically every year after that. But I AM EXCITED! I love my Birthday!
2 weeks and 2 days away. Get excited too!!

It's OK that our dinner plans were cancelled for last night. It was 106 on the ground, and about 120 in the plane in the air! Can't wait for it to cool down!!

It's OK to drink a monster! I'm addicted! Low carb is the way to go!

It's OK to be amazed how clean your toilet can get with a toothbrush. bahaha BFF!

It's OK to shake your head the entire time you are reading your bff's blog about Christmas music already. Ahhhh!!! Nooooo!!

It's OK to consider myself a queen today! I was the 1st female caller on the bull today.. therefore I am the QUEEN FOR THE DAY! and I get a free CD! Boom! Thanks Mason & Remy!!

It's OK to buy a birthday present for yourself, right?!? I want these!!!!!!!!

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Good Luck!!!
Happy Thursday!


Cassie said...

oh man the toothbrush thing is just the best!! STILL cracks me up!!

it's ok for my daughter to be completely obsessed with my bffs pool right? i swear she's more excited to see you than she is to see landon and lala. SMH.

ps - don't start dissing my christmas music lady!!

Established: 2008 said...

I ALWAYS buy myself birthday presents. Cute blog!

Adrien said...

I loved turning 25 for some reason, but didn't want ANY more birthdays after that, haha. Sadly, they just keep coming.... Love the wedges!

Alyssa said...

I always buy myself a birthday gift. And a half-birthday gift. Go for it, girl!

The Cavallaro's said...

... There's nothing wrong bout turning 25! (Happy early birthday!)

I used to drink Monster/Redbull allllll the time (and those 5 hr energy shots!)

I love the TOMS... It is definitely okay to purchase them (it's your birthday, it's justified!)