Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters...

Holy Crap was my morning at work BUSY!!!
Things are finally starting to calm down so I got a chance to stalk  read a couple blogs.
Boo for afternoon posts, but better late than never!

So lets get these Friday Letters Started!!


Dear Wal-Mart,
Thank you for stocking my closet with 2 more dresses!!

 Dear this quote,
. You are freaking true. end of story.

Dear Dane,
Even though we both made decisions the past 6 months that we wish we wouldn't have, Thank you for sticking by my side.
and although things are not going the way we had planned, I am glad you are still my best friend.

Dear Rain,
Where the F are you?
My grass feels like needles!

Dear ItWorks!,
Thank you for taking inches off my waist this month, but also THANK YOU for paying my car payment AND my electric bill!! And that's only having 1 party and selling wraps to friends!!!
Why wouldn't you want to join my team!?!

Dear Paycheck,
I'm going to need you to get a little larger. I need a vacation like nobodies business. Please can I win the lottery. Oh wait, I don't even play. Merrp.

Dear Regency Bitches,
I am STOKED for our reunion!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just please don't judge my dead ends.

Dear Weekend,
You start in 45 minutes.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Katie said...

Cute dress!!! Too bad I HATE Wal-Mart.

My husband is a lawn freak so we are the only ones on the block with some what green grass. I'm hoping for rain also I'm scared to see our water bill.

My SIL was given some of those ItWorks wraps. Not sure if she has used them yet, but she is always talking about wanting to lose weight.

Adrien said...

"...Oh wait I don't even play. Merrp." Baha...this made me laugh out loud. :D

Love the dress!

The Pink Growl said...

That dress is just super cute and I must make a Walmart trip now!

Hope everything is ok with your husband, sounds like it's good though!

I don't know what ItWorks is, but it sounds awesome. Also can you get your paycheck to coordinate that same wish with my paycheck?

Cassie said...

ok that's it i'm going to wal-mart on my way home.
i just LOVE those dresses!!