Friday, March 25, 2011

Confession Friday

*I confess that last weekend we had that wedding reception, and I didn't have time to get spray tanned as planned... so i dumped my foundation in my hand and mixed some lotion with it and rubbed it all over my legs and arms. it worked!!!! but when we left the reception it was pouring down raining so when I got to my moms to pick up Landon, I looked like a zebra! :)

*I confess that Landon and I had breakfast in bed today. He got out of bed & got his woody and crawled back into my bed. So I turned on Toy Story and brought in a box of Lucky Charms. That was 1 hour and 20 minutes ago... Landon is still sitting in bed eating cereal and watching TV. :)
*I confess that mending a friendship feels great, even though it still hurts.

*I confess that Landon will not say Thank you to save his life. Its always "your welcome". Goof!

*I confess that I am having fish tonight for the first time in years, and I am SUPER EXCITED!!!!!!

*I confess I look 6 months pregnant, and I'm only 3 months.

*I confess that I love my FREE glasses. and today they are having the same promo going on if anyone needs glasses!!!!

*I confess that no matter how hard you try, Some people will never change..and you drift apart for a reason!

*I confess that my child is no longer watching TV and is destroying the house!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!! :)


Sarah said...

I can't believe you at home tan worked! That's awesome, crazy, and brave! haha

Luke says 'thank you' 39057390 times until the other person says 'your welcome'

Fish first time in years? CRAZY girl.

I'm 6 months pregnant and look 9 months...

Sounds like we are haveing the same issue with a certain person(s) in our lives. It sucks..but what can ya do?!

Cassie said...

I want Stella to be like Landon. Heaven forbid you leave her in a room by herself. And she could give two hoots about TV. Which is good, but Mommy needs some time to breath honey.

STOKED for KC Hall Fish with you guys! YAY!

Don't worry I don't feel like I look prego, I just feel like I look fat. I need that shirt from Spencers. lol.

Adrien said...

Ingenious! You're totally brave to try the self-tan! :)

I confess that I'm running around like a mad woman trying to clean up around here, because a repairman will be here between 11:00-1:00!

Kim said...

She will be Cassie! Just wait til she finds that 1 show that she absolutely LOVES. I can't turn on the tv without Landon chanting "manny, manny, manny, manny"! I never win anymore!

Seriously guys, the self tanner was my last resort. I was dressed, hair done and ready to go. and I just couldnt walk out the door with my pasty legs. It was my only hope!! And I used my old foundation from last summer when I was really tan.. so my legs looked good!! haha

Adrien, I do the samething! I had a friend of mine over after dinner last night, and it wasn't planned. I felt so embarrassed because my house was a wreck!!!!!

Katie said...

Very creative on the home tanning!!

Your going to a fish fry on the only Friday during Lent that it is ok to eat meat. (I eat meat every fridays regardless..just thought I would pass the info along to the "good Catholics")

Meagan said...

bahahaha....I would have NEVER of thought to use that as a self tanner!! You're a brave girl!!

I confess that both Ryan & I are home today but Keegan still went to grandma's house...maybe I will get some cleaning done today?!

Kacie said...

free glasses? spill.

and thats pretty creative on the self tanner! haha sorry about the rain!

Sarah said...


Kim is right! Luke never watched TV until he was almost 2. I thought the dvd player for the car was a waste of $$. Now it's a lifesaver!! It is amazing to get dressed in the morning without a kid attached to your hip. Stay strong! lol

Kim said...

Sarah you got that right! It's just been the last few months that Landon picked up on the tv. We got dvd players in the car for Christmas.. Seriously, I won't go anywhere without them ever again!!!! Call my kid spoiled or whatever you want, but it saves this momma from a lot of stress!!!! lol