Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 12

A picture of something you love

Honestly, this should say some thingS you love.. because during this pregnancy, there isn't much I don't love.

so let the list begin. here are a few of my all time favorites.

1. A frozen coke. Yep, all that caffeine and all. I haven't had one in soo long and I've been craving one. And my sister told me last night that Burger King has them!!! You know where I'm going today!!!!!!!

2. Of course Cassie and I would have at least one of the same favorite things, I mean c'mon.. who doesn't love Coors Light??? Actually I didn't drink my first entire beer until I was out of High School. I thought beer was the most disgusting thing in the entire world. I guess something on our Cancun trip did it to me, because once we got back I never wanted a fruity, foo foo drink again. I was ready to put on my big girl panties and drink a beer... and this is what the bff handed me And it has been love ever since!!!!

188 days til my due date!!! I. Can. Do. This.

3. Going on road trips on beautiful days. I love getting the girls together, blaring the radio and singing at the top of our lungs going no where in particular. Of course #2 will come along for the ride too!!!!

well whose make my top 3 today.. the list goes on and on...


Adrien said...

Mmmm...frozen coke! I definitely cheated on the caffeine thing when I was pregnant!

Sarah said...

We should all get frozen cokes & go on a Sunday roadie!! I have not cheated on the caffeine..but I defintely think my doctor would perfer that over that gorgeous looking ice cold Coors :)

Kim said...

baha yes! defintely the coke over the coors!!! I quick drinking caffeine a lot. i usually allow myself to have 1 or 2 regulat sodas a week. diet soda a little in it, but my doctor said 1 regular soda a day or 3 diet.

And I am totally down for a Sunday roadie. me & Cass talked a while back about making some virgin pina coladas and going!

Cassie said...